Obama’s Wild Ride

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Mr. Obama’s term in office is like Disney’s Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. His reckless policies and actions cause destruction to whatever he touches. He needs to be stopped.

Obama and his special-interest allies, especially his lap-dog media, are doing everything they can to keep government growing and eroding our rights. If ordinary people like us don’t stand up and continue the rebellion, Washington will soon forget the discontent in the hinterlands.

Obama says it’s good, America says it’s no good

Recently on MSNBC, Dylan Ratigan assailed Mark Williams of the Tea Party Express. In the midst of Rattigan’s angry rant about the supposed anger, racism and anti-Semitism in the Tea Party movement, the MSNBC host revealed who actually has the anger problem. Williams calmly explained that Tea Parties have nothing to do with racism; Rattigan responded by shouting him down and cutting Williams’ microphone.

The Tea Party movement ignited a blaze; now the political left is doing their best to disparage the movement. Reportedly, even Bill Clinton is personally attacking the leaders of the Tea Party movement. Anyone who watches cable television knows that the left is marshalling their forces.

The problem for these media allies of Obama lies in their refusal to accept the simple truth that Americans actually believe in the U.S. Constitution. They constantly push stories about organizations aligned with their viewpoint. The Washington Post and The New York Times, for example, have devoted intensive coverage to an online group named the Coffee Party. This group, run by a former Obama staffer, is nothing other than an attempt by leftists to counteract the Tea Parties. Their coverage neglected to mention anything about the Obama connection.

The media paint Tea Partiers as radical, but average Americans see through this bias. A recent survey by the Sam Adams Alliance vindicated Tea Party leaders and showed that these Americans are not radicals, they are just individuals who are becoming politically active, many for the first time. Their motivation is a feeling that government is spinning out of control.

The Tea Party movement must not falter in the face of these attacks. It is time to advance, not compromise.

The groundwork is set for a massive return to fiscal responsibility and government that abides within its constitutional framework. Fiscal conservatives have won in New Jersey, Virginia, and even in Massachusetts. Voters have overwhelmingly rejected government takeover of the healthcare system and the bailout culture in Washington, D.C. This is a rare opportunity for “we the people” to take back our government.

Anti-Washington, D.C. sentiment is at an all time high, as the recent primary election in Texas illustrates. Texans overwhelmingly supported Gov. Rick Perry based on his campaign against Washington, D.C. and federal encroachment. Voters are so opposed to the back-room deals and political chicanery that even President Obama is now trying to cast himself as the outsider.

In reality, Obama is one of the prime culprits. From his close relationships with lobbyists, his attempts to bribe certain Democrats not to run primary campaigns, his firing of independent investigators, his penchant for pork-laden projects to curry votes, and finally, his recently appointing a Congressman’s brother to the federal bench in a blatant attempt to buy a vote, Obama has shown that he epitomizes what is wrong with Washington.

This year could usher in a new era of responsible and constitutional governance. We need to elect people who will truly make a change in Washington. And then we need to stay involved and hold elected officials accountable for promises made.

Reagan needed a Carter, Gingrich needed a Clinton, and the Tea Party has Obama. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for freedom-loving individuals to restore our government to its constitutional limitations.

If we had predicted that a year after Obama was elected a Republican would be elected in Massachusetts, you would have called us crazy. This is our time. It is time for Obama’s wild, destructive ride to end. What are you going to do between now and November to win back our government?


3 thoughts on “Obama’s Wild Ride

  1. As usual, the media and the left are clueless. Maybe they will get a clue when they wonder who kicked their asses out the door, both in Washington and viewership, Jim

    • Government will probably make it manitory that people watch the news, though it will only be controlled news, only what they want you to see and hear.

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