In their own words: Obama can’t govern and Biden doesn’t do anything

American Thinker

Neil Braithwaite
In 2007 Barack Oobama said, “You gotta break out of what I call the sort of 50-plus-one pattern of presidential politics.  Maybe you eke out a victory with 50-plus-one but you can’t govern. You know, you get Air Force One and a lot of nice perks as president but you can’t — you can’t deliver on health — we’re not going to pass universal health care with a — with a 50-plus-one strategy.”

When President Obama embraced what he calls the, “fifty-plus-one pattern of presidential politics,” to pass a health care bill, he admitted that he “can’t govern.”

Last February, President Obama tapped Joe Biden to oversee the $787 billion stimulus package saying, “The fact that I’m asking my vice president to personally lead this effort shows how important it is for our country and future to get this right,”

At last weeks health care summit, Joe Biden was overheard telling a participant, “It’s easy being vice president – you don’t have to do anything.”

Now Americans knows why the $787 billion stimulus package isn’t working and the country is going to hell in a hand basket – the President can’t govern and the vice president forgot he had a job to do.

America is not in a position to have leaders that either can’t or don’t do their jobs.


7 thoughts on “In their own words: Obama can’t govern and Biden doesn’t do anything

  1. Biden will never cease to amaze and please, great find, Jim

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  4. Joe Biden should be in a cell next to Bernie Madoff. He has squandered more billions than Madoff ever dared steal. Somebody promised we could see how every one of our dollars was spent. Right!? Thanks President B.O. for printing money we need to pay for in more taxes.

  5. All to true with just enough sprinkling of disinformation and confusion. FACT remains skills are they all whom do not nor have ever have represented the peoples.

    After all when was the last time tax dollars were funded for and of the people other than a greedy socialist/elitist and puppetry arena of politicians for own power gain and completely misguided use of all huimankinds destiny.

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