More States Jumping on the Birther Bandwagon

The Right Side of Life

Based on a recent update to, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Indiana have joined Arizona in producing eligibility bills regarding the presidency (and, in some, the vice presidency). In fact, Indiana’s SB82 is all about “standing,” the ability for a certain class of citizens to rightfully petition the Judiciary with respect to a candidate.

There’s also a bit from David Weigel’s excellent posting on this story where he spoke with a reporter from who has had various eligibility stories “spiked” on account of the controversy (I know — what controversy, right? You’re either eligible or not and you can either show it fully or not).

And for those following what’s going on in the great State of Arizona, apparently tea party leaders aren’t currently endorsing either former Rep. J.D. Hayworth or Sen. John McCain.


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