Who are the real conspiracy theorists?

Posted: March 01, 2010

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There are many in the press today caricaturing me as a “conspiracy theorist” simply because I, like millions of other Americans, insist on actually seeing proof of Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility.

I’ve never alleged a conspiracy. Obama was given a free pass by an opponent who had his own eligibility issues. Not much of a conspiracy necessary – especially with Obama accountable only to a fawning press and scared-of-their-shadows Republicans.

But “conspiracy theorist” is an easy epithet to hurl.

One good question to ask, the next time you hear someone call me that name, is this: “Who is Joseph Farah conspiring with?”

I’d sure like to know the answer to that question.

I don’t see a lot of high-profile or powerful people beating down my door to join “the conspiracy.”

All I am doing – and all I have ever done on this issue of constitutional eligibility – is what I would expect every American citizen and especially every member of the press to do: Hold arguably the most powerful politician in the world to accountable to his pledges of “transparency,” honesty, the rule of law, his oath of office and the same standard to which his lackluster, unworthy Republican opponent in the 2008 election was held.

Is that too much to ask?

Does that really make me part of the “fringe” in America in 2010?

I make no apologies for pushing this issue. The more I am criticized, the more I realize I am really getting to Obama and his acolytes.

It’s hardly a “conspiracy theory” to state the obvious: Obama has not proven he is constitutionally eligible. In fact, he has made no effort to do so. All he does is mau-mau about not questioning his citizenship.

If he can’t stand being questioned, he has no business being in public office.

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