The Name “Obama” Not In Hawaii Birth Database

The Obama File

The Post & Email is reporting that the Hawaii Department of Health has sent them an Adobe document containing an alphabetical list of births, produced from the Hawaii Birth Index database.  The name Obama does not exist.  Here is an image of the “Ob*” page from the document:

Click here to read how John Charlton came into possession of this document.  Verrrrrrrry interesting . . .

Deep in the Heart of Texas

While listening to Sean Hannity on the radio the other day, a lady from the Dallas-Ft. Worth Area called in to let Sean know what she saw while driving.

In the Dallas -Ft. Worth Area there is a business called, Cornish-Burton Septic Service. Nothing special you say? Well under the company logo it reads, Carrying Political Promises.

Nice Job Guys and keep up the good work.