Our Resident in Chief

The Obama File

I couldn’t help but notice that recently at the National Prayer Breakfast Mr. Obama made the following statement and I quote, “Now, I am the first to confess I am not always right.  Michelle will testify to that.  But surely you can question my policies without questioning my faith, or, for that matter, my citizenship.”

Next, today at what was billed as The Bipartisan Health Care Summit, at approximately one half hour before it ended, Mr. Obama made the following statement, and once again I quote, “We protect people with respect to the food they buy, with respect to the drugs that they purchase.  We license and regulate the medical profession because we don’t think just anybody should be able to cut somebody open.  We want somebody like Tom or John to know what they are doing before they start practicing medicine and the same should apply when we think about insurance.”

I find it resoundingly ironic that doctors have to stringently prove their eligibility and yet we are not allowed to question Mr. Obama’s eligibility to occupy the highest office in the land.  The fact is that we the people want somebody like Barack or John too meet the constitutional requirements to lead this great nation and to stop fast dancing around the subject, as well as spending approaching two million dollars to hide what he should have had to produce before he could be elected.  This, according to Mr. Obama’s way of thinking, would be like finding out after the botched surgery that the doctor was not licensed.

The fact is that we the people do indeed have the right to question not only his policies, his faith and his citizenship, we also have the right to question anything else about him that we feel necessary, because he, providing he is proved to be eligible, works for us and not the other way around, like he seems to believe.  So get used to it, because the questions are not going to go away until the proof and the truth are uncovered, and you can rest assured it will happen, it always does.


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