This Is Completely Uncharted Territory

The Obama File

Bob Unruh says an attorney whose legal brief in a case challenging Barack Obama’s eligibility revealed a Supreme Court can remove an ineligible chief executive now has released an analysis confirming that if Obama isn’t eligible, he could be charged under a number of felony statutes.

And that’s just on the federal level; any state charges would be in addition, as would charges against individuals who may have helped him in the commission of any of the acts, according to Gary Kreep of the United States Justice Foundation (USJF).

Kreep has been involved in several of the cases that have raised challenges to Obama’s occupancy of the Oval Office, including two in California.  One is on appeal in the state court system and names California Secretary of State Debra Bowen as defendant.  The other, in the federal court system, is on appeal before the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Both make claims on behalf of individuals and political candidates in California over Obama’s presence on the 2008 election ballot.

North Dakota Gov. Thomas Moodie, removed from office when the state Supreme Court found him ineligible

Kreep’s legal research revealed two precedents he believes would be applicable in the Obama case.  In one, state officials arbitrarily removed a candidate from an election ballot because it was not proven the candidate was qualified for office.  In another, the North Dakota Supreme Court removed the sitting governor from office when it was documented he was not eligible under the state’s requirements.

Now Kreep has released an analysis of the federal laws he believes could be applied should Obama ultimately be shown to be ineligible.

“If he is not eligible, he could be charged not only under with these crimes, but potentially with crimes in a number of states where he falsely represented that he was qualified to run, as well as people who helped him.”

Further, there could be any number of challenges to virtually anything he did as president: his nominations, his executive orders and his signing of legislation.

“This is completely uncharted territory.  It could all be challenged as invalid.  There has to be a sitting president for [actions] to be valid.  If he’s not qualified, if he’s not the president, it isn’t valid.”


DOJ: Department Of Jihad?

War On Terror: The Justice Department employs nine lawyers previously involved in the defense of terrorist detainees. This is a colossal conflict of interest. Just whose side are they on?

From the dropping of a voter-intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party to the decision to try 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Muhammed in a civilian court within blocks of where the World Trade Center once stood, the actions and attitudes of the Justice Department and Attorney General Eric Holder toward the thugs and terrorists who threaten us has grown curiouser and curiouser.

We may now have a clue as to why. Last November, Sen. Charles Grassley, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, asked the Justice Department how many of its lawyers had defended terrorist detainees over whom the department holds sway.

Grassley knew from earlier press reports of two such lawyers who worked on behalf of detainees at the liberal organization Human Rights Watch. He wanted to know how many more there were. Last Friday, Holder answered nine.

“To the best of our knowledge, during their employment prior to joining the government, only five of the lawyers who serve as political appointees in those components represented detainees,” Holder said in a letter dated Feb. 18. “Four others contributed to amicus briefs in detainee-related cases involved in advocacy on behalf of detainees.”

So the decision to Mirandize the Christmas bomber, Umar Abdulmutallab, and to quickly get him lawyered up was made by a department populated by leftist lawyers who believe terror is a law enforcement matter and who have tried to get off those actively trying to kill us.

We still have no official answer to what the Justice Department would do if Osama bin Laden were captured.

“It’s like they’re bringing al-Qaida lawyers inside the Department of Justice,” said Debra Burlingame, whose brother was the pilot of the plane driven by terrorists into the Pentagon, following KSM’s plan.

We still have not been told all the lawyers’ names. Like the detainees they represented, presumably they have the right to remain silent. So much for transparency.

Lawyers in private practice are free to choose their clients and their reasons for defending them. But these lawyers are in the employ of the American people and have the task of prosecuting those who try to kill them. Some chose to defend enemies who are making war on America. We have a right to know who they are, who their clients were and why they defended them.

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Muslims Exempt from Death Penalty in U.S.?

Human Events

Last October there was another in the growing number of Islamic honor killings in the United States when a Muslim in Peoria, Arizona, Faleh Almaleki, got into his Jeep Cherokee and ran down his twenty-year-old daughter Noor, as well as her boyfriend’s mother, Amal Khalaf.

Noor died not long thereafter, and Faleh Almaleki was charged with first-degree murder, aggravated assault and two counts of leaving the scene of a serious accident. But prosecutors announced this week that he will not face the death penalty – it wouldn’t be multicultural.

Faleh Almaleki’s lawyer, public defender Billy Little, requested that the death penalty not be sought in this case because County Attorney Andrew Thomas is a Christian and Almaleki is a Muslim: “An open process provides some level of assurance that there is no appearance that a Christian is seeking to execute a Muslim for racial, political, religious or cultural beliefs.”

And indeed, the County Attorney’s office ultimately decided not to seek the death penalty, although it denied that Little’s request had anything to do with the decision: “The defendant is charged with first degree murder and, if convicted, will spend the rest of his life in prison,” said County Attorney Office spokesman Mike Scerbo. “As is in all first degree murder cases, the decision on whether to seek the death penalty is made on a case by case basis. Cultural considerations played no part in the decision not to seek the death penalty.”

This denial, however, did not ring true in light of the calculated nature of Almaleki’s actions: “By his own admission,” said county prosecutor Stephanie Low, “this was an intentional act, and the reason was that his daughter had brought shame on him and his family. This was an attempt at an honor killing.”

If a cold-blooded, premeditated murder doesn’t warrant the death penalty, what murder does? If the death penalty is to be applied or contemplated at all, one would be hard-pressed to find a case more appropriate than one in which a father murders his daughter freely, not in the heat of passion, and with full intentionality, because she does not share his values.

Honor killing is the murder of a wife, daughter or sister by a husband, father or brother in order to cleanse the family’s honor after a sexual indiscretion. Noor Almaleki had enraged her father by becoming “too Westernized” and living with her boyfriend. Honor killing is broadly tolerated in many Islamic countries, and is encouraged by the fact that traditional Islamic law mandates no penalty for a parent who kills a child. Syria and Jordan, among other countries, punish honor murderers more lightly than other murderers, and in Jordan Islamic clerics led the fight against an attempt several years ago to stiffen penalties for honor killing.

This is a human rights issue that ought to merit the attention of anyone who cares for the lives lost to this barbaric practice. Yet American law enforcement officials are doing nothing to call Muslim communities in this country to teach against and work against this practice. And relativist multiculturalists like Billy Little seem to think that taking a strong stand against honor killing would be an illegitimate imposition of Christian values upon a Muslim.

There are larger implications of this decision as well. In my 2008 book Stealth Jihad, I laid out evidence that Islamic groups in the U.S. were working in the courts, businesses, and educational institutions to secure special privileges for Muslims, in accord with Sharia provisions that give them a place above non-Muslims in Islamic societies. And while they have succeeded in local efforts here and there to get special break times in workplaces for prayers, even the most dedicated Muslim Brotherhood entities in America have not yet begun pressuring for the kind of concession that Billy Little handed them.

But they will surely take the hint. For the first time, the idea that all are not equal before the law, but that some are more equal than others, has been given credence by an American court. Despite the County Attorney’s Office denials, a precedent has been set that Islamic pressure groups are certain to exploit to the hilt.


Hamas-linked group has deep ties to White House

By Aaron Klein
© 2010 WorldNetDaily

ISNA President Ingrid Mattson

JERUSALEM – A radical Muslim group that was an unindicted co-conspirator in a scheme to raise money for Hamas has an extensive relationship with the Obama administration, WND has learned.

Last week, President Obama’s top adviser on counter-terrorism, John Brennan, came under fire for controversial remarks he made in a speech to Muslim law students at New York University. The event was sponsored by the Islamic Society of North America, or ISNA.

ISNA is known for its enforcement of Saudi-style Islam in mosques throughout the U.S. It was named by the Justice Department as an unindicted co-conspirator in its case against the Holy Land Foundation in Texas, which was found guilty in 2008 of raising money for the Hamas terrorist organization. Last year, Holy Land founders were given life sentences for “funneling $12 million to Hamas.

The Obama White House has deep ties to ISNA.

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Ariz. Lawmakers Want Presidential Candidates to Verify Citizenship

Fox News

PHOENIX – Nearly half of the Arizona Legislature wants to force President Barack Obama to show his birth certificate to state officials if he runs for re-election.

A state House committee on Tuesday approved the measure sponsored by 40 of the state’s 90 legislators. It would require U.S. presidential candidates who want to appear on the ballot in Arizona to submit documents proving they meet the constitutional requirements to be president.

Rep. Judy Burges, R-Skull Valley, said she brought forward the idea after being approached by constituents. She said people have to show their birth certificate to enroll in youth sports or get a passport, so they should have to show it to run for president.

One of the constituents, Jeff Lichter of Surprise, said his motive isn’t partisan. In fact, he says, he has questions about the eligibility of both Obama and his Republican opponent, Arizona Sen. John McCain, who was born in the Panama Canal Zone.

“The citizens of Arizona have a right to know that any candidate placed on the presidential ballot is qualified to run,” Lichter said.

All 40 co-sponsors are Republicans, comprising 75 percent of the GOP caucus, although two of them have since resigned to run for Congress.

Burges said 10 other states are considering similar legislation. Eleven U.S. House Republicans have signed on to a federal bill, but it hasn’t received a hearing in the Democrat-controlled House.

So-called “birthers” have contended since the 2008 presidential campaign that Obama was born abroad, even after his official Hawaii birth certificate was made public along with birth notices from two Honolulu newspapers published in August 1961.

The Constitution says that a person must be a “natural-born citizen” to be eligible for the presidency. The so-called “birthers” suggest that Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate is fake and say he was actually born in Kenya, his father’s homeland.

The Arizona bill would require the secretary of state to review candidates’ documents and withhold a candidate from the ballot if he has “reasonable cause” to believe ineligibility.

Courts have rebuffed lawsuits challenging Obama’s eligibility to be president, but the issue hasn’t gone away.

Northern Arizona University political science professor Fred Solop described “birthers” as a small fringe group of extremists and said the Arizona lawmakers supporting their cause are walking a political tightrope.

“It would be very easy to go a little too far with this, to be aligned with the fringe and to alienate the more mainstream voters who ultimately you need to win office,” he said.

Having lost the presidential race, McCain is now running for re-election in the Senate. His campaign last week sparred with challenger JD Hayworth over Hayworth’s calls for Obama to produce his birth certificate.

A former congressman and talk-radio host, Hayworth told CNN’s Campbell Brown that he doesn’t specifically question Obama’s citizenship but said recent concerns about identity theft mean “it would be great that people can confirm who they say they are.”


U.S. Pays For Muslims’ Special Islamic Meals

Judicial Watch

Wed, 02/24/2010

In the Obama Administration’s latest effort to appease Muslims, the U.S. government will begin delivering special meals, prepared according to Islamic law, to home-bound seniors in a city known for its thriving Muslim population.

The government-funded Meals on Wheels program, designed to feed disabled seniors who are confined to their homes and unable to make their own food, will begin offering halal cuisine this month in Detroit’s Wayne County, which is home to the nation’s most concentrated Muslim population.

American tax dollars will pay a special company to make the so-called halal meals, which are prepared according to Islamic teachings. Halal is an Arabic term for lawful under Islamic code. This means that pork is prohibited and all meat must come from animals that are ritually slaughtered. Allah must be pronounced during the kill and animals must be properly nourished, well rested and not stressed or excited prior to slaughter.

The costly Detroit program will soon expand into other areas with large Muslim populations, according to officials, who predict New York, Texas, California and Illinois are next. The company that makes the special Islamic meals is also working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to develop an accredited halal food program.

Convicted felons in California will also get their religiously prepared halal meals in jail after Muslim inmates cried discrimination because Jewish prisoners get kosher meals. Taxpayers in the nation’s most populous state, which is on the verge of bankruptcy, will dish out an additional half a million dollars a year to purchase the halal meals for its 5,000 Muslim prisoners.

This keeps with President Obama’s mission to befriend Muslims. The administration has met with Arab, Muslim and Sikh extremists to discuss national security matters, ordered the nation’s space agency (NASA) to focus on Muslim outreach and diplomacy and has allowed the reentry of two radical Islamic academics whose terrorist ties have for years banned them from the U.S.