Biggest Disaster In Modern American History

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Mark Levin says that Barack Obama is the “Biggest Disaster in Modern American History.”  The radio host says U.S. would be out of recession, but Obama is “smothering the private sector.”

Don Imus asked Levin Feb. 18 on the Fox Business Network’s “Imus in the Morning” — “So the President Obama, worse than Jimmy Carter?”

“Worse than Jimmy Carter?  I mean they’re not mutually exclusive, they’re both disasters,” Levin replied, citing many of the parallels of the two administrations.

But on the home front, Levin said Obama was beyond comparison: “I think on domestic policy, nobody comes close to Barack Obama.  I think he’s the biggest disaster in modern American history.”

That led the duo to discuss the $787 billion stimulus bill, that turned 1-year-old Feb. 17. ” Regarding the stimulus package, Obama says that that kept us from sliding into Depression,” Imus noted.

Levin claimed concerns about a Depression were false, and that Obama was harming America’s economy with government intrusion — choking out the private sector.  “You know, this is what you do when you’re desperate, and you’re a radical propagandist,” Mark Levin said.

“This is a very vicious recession and we would have been out of by now if he wasn’t smothering the private sector, threatening to tax them, nationalizing major industries, government doesn’t spread wealth, it destroys wealth and it spreads misery.  Now we’ve had trillions of dollars spent in the last 13-14 months…trillions…following this failed ideology.  We still have almost 10 percent unemployment, still foreclosures, soon the fed is going to back off pumping money into the housing market, interest rates are going to go up…,” Levin continued, not buying the merits of the stimulus.

Then came the harshest remarks from the politically incorrect commentator about the perceived socialist ideology of Obama:

“This philosophy that Obama embraces has failed whenever it’s tried, wherever it’s tried.  And you notice they always try to say the same thing — ‘we haven’t gone far enough,’ ‘we need more money,’ ‘we need more government,’ and then they pick enemies — this industry, that industry — it’s because they’re failures.  And this is how they continue to push their propaganda.  We weren’t sliding into a great Depression, so now he’s rewriting history.”

Imus then switched topics, asking his guest about his thoughts on national security and the events surrounding the Guantanamo Bay and terror trials.

Levin said he simply doesn’t know what is going to happen as a result of Obama’s “illogical” stance on terror:

“There is utter chaos in this administration on how to treat terrorists who are captured on the battlefield and there shouldn’t be utter chaos. We should know exactly what we’re doing and our enemies should fear us exactly what we’re going to do to them — and they used to.”

One thing Levin was sure about was that America’s credibility has been shot and consequences inevitable:

“Now they laugh at us.  They’ll laugh in our faces and behind our backs,” he continued.  “And this doesn’t just resonate with Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, it resonates with the Russians and the Chinese.  The Chinese have no respect for Obama at all.  The Russians could care less about what he has to say, and what happens under those circumstances — they create enormous danger — because our enemies are going to press and push and test us.  And I’m not sure this president is up to it.”


U.S. Constitution to Obama

Human Events

You do not currently serve in a monarchical form of government.

You represent only one of the three branches of government, and the other two are equal to yours.

You are not the Supreme Leader, nor are you the king, nor are you the Messiah or dictator or whatever term for a ruler you have convinced yourself that you are.

You see, in the late 18th Century, George Washington and the other Founders decided to create a nation of free men, a republic, as it were, in which men were not ruled by an individual or individuals, but men who determined their own lives and their futures for themselves.

Aside:  I am speaking very slowly for you, Mr. President, to be sure you understand, as you are polite enough to do the same for the knuckle dragging citizenry you have to pay attention to from time to time.

The only other kinds of governments that existed in the rest of the world at that particular epoch were monarchies, military governments or dictatorships.  The establishment of a republic of free men had never before happened in history, and General Washington and the others fought a war and risked their lives to achieve this extraordinary goal.  Well, surprisingly to the rest of the world, and quite frankly to a lot of Americans, it worked.  This amazing group of men indeed started the United States of America, where I repeat, men are not told what to do, they make their own decisions.  We are a free people and have been for over 220 years.

We could have had a ruler in the United States, were it not for the far-sightedness and devotion to country of our leadership at the time.  The greatest of our founders, George Washington, was asked three times, in various forms, to be the ruler, in fact the monarch, of the new United States of America.

When he was first offered the crown of the nascent nation, he responded by saying, “Let me conjure you then, if you have any respect for your country, concern for yourself or for posterity, or respect for me, to banish these thoughts from your mind, and never communicate, as from yourself, or anyone else, sentiments of a like nature.”

The poor fellow was so discombobulated by this reaction that he wrote the General three letters of apology in as many days.

As you can see, this first and greatest of our leaders was horrified that anyone would think that he would accept to rule this republic, and to in effect establish yet another monarchy, no matter how benign.  The whole point in his and the others’ extraordinary efforts was to create a true republic, in which, I repeat, all men were free, in which the people are the sovereign. Americans have never been, and never will be, ruled.

Then, after he had against all odds been victorious in the Revolutionary War, he attempted to resign his commission as General in the Continental Army and return to his beloved Mount Vernon.  Congress pleaded with him to stay on and lead the nation, in the position of General for Life; he responded with an unequivocal no, and returned to private life at his farm in Virginia.

Subsequently, after having served two terms as President, when he announced to Congress that he was not going to run for a third term, (to them it was unimaginable that George Washington not be the leader of the nation), he was again pleaded with to stay on and lead the nation, this time as President for Life.  George Washington again refused, saying that in order to ensure the continuity of this young republic, he wanted to ensure a peaceful transfer of power to his elected successor.  To General Washington, the election of the second President of the United States was much more important than that of the first, as that would be the first time in history that such a peaceful transfer of power, then and for the future, would have been assured.

There is a wonderful lesson to be found in this story, Mr. President, actually many more than one, but this will do for now.  That lesson can be found in a very important word, and that word is humility.

George Washington lived a life guided by honor, dignity and the loftiness of a higher purpose.  He did this in an extraordinary life and in everything he thought and everything he did.  That is why he could always leave his cherished Mount Vernon when his nation needed him, leave his family, and have the vision not only to lead an army to a seemingly impossible victory but also the vision to create the first true republic in history.

And then he could give it all up.

George Washington could do this because he cared more about his country and his people than he cared about himself.  George Washington could do this because he understood how power really worked, and he made it work on behalf of his country and his people, not caring about, actually not wanting, power for himself.  George Washington could do this because, despite his greatness, or perhaps because of his greatness, he was a truly humble man.

If  Divine Providence, as he often referred to his God, had destined him to achieve, it was to achieve something greater than himself, something so lofty in its goals that he would give up everything he had to make it happen.

Mr. President, as you can see, in his entire life, our first and greatest President did not pause to think about himself or his own desires, or concerns.  More than anything, he cared about his nation and its people, and the freedom he wanted them to be able to achieve through his and the others’ efforts.

So, do you understand in what position you are at this particular point in time?  You do not rule, you represent, the people who voted you into office.  Ergo, you do what the majority of the American people tell you to do, not the contrary.

Also according to the rules, which unfortunately you and your people do not seem to have had the time to read, (they are found in a document called the Constitution), the peoples’ representatives in Congress do what the American people tell them what to do, and not what you nor they (the Congressional representatives) might regard as what you think is better for them.  The reason why you and they (the Congressional representatives) were elected is because the people chose to vote you into power to do what they (the people) determined that you should do on their behalf.

I am sorry to have been somewhat repetitive; I just wanted to make sure that you understood in case I wasn’t going slowly enough.

And you most certainly do NOT tell the Supreme Court what to do, as they are an equal branch of government to yours.  These devoted public servants also deserve a modicum of politeness, which you, to your detriment, did not deign to give them. You are not above them; you are in fact not above anyone.  You are the peoples’ servant who lives in the peoples’ house.

For a very, very, very short time.


The new scandal?

Thomas Lifson

Jeffrey Lord of the American Spectator breaks a potentially important story, making the case that there is ample ground for a formal investigation of potential law-breaking by the Obama Administration.

The discovery that the White House has now been reported on two separate occasions in two different states to be deliberately committing a potential violation of federal law — in order to preserve the Democrats’ Senate majority — could prove explosive in this highly political year. The 60-seat majority slipped to 59 seats with the death of Senator Edward Kennedy, a Democrat, and the election of Republican Senator Scott Brown. Many political analysts are suggesting Democrats could lose enough seats to lose their majority altogether.
This is the stuff of congressional investigations and cable news alerts, as an array of questions will inevitably start being asked of the Obama White House.
The specific crime alleged is bribery:

“Whoever solicits or receives … any….thing of value, in consideration of the promise of support or use of influence in obtaining for any person any appointive office or place under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.” — 18 USC Sec. 211 — Bribery, Graft and Conflicts of Interest: Acceptance or solicitation to obtain appointive public office
For the second time in five months, the Obama White House is being accused — by Democrats — of offering high ranking government jobs in return for political favors. What no one is reporting is that this is a violation of federal law that can lead to prison time, a fine or both, according to Title 18, Chapter 11, Section 211 of the United States Code.
The jobs in question? Secretary of the Navy and a position within the U.S. Agency for International Development.
The favor requested in return? Withdrawal from Senate challenges to two sitting United States Senators, both Democrats supported by President Obama. The Senators are Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania and Michael Bennet in Colorado.
As Lord notes, this has the potential to impact the 2010 elections, if it becomes known, and pressure builds for a formal investigation. But of course, the mainstream media will avert its eyes, and dismiss this as normal politics.
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