The Big Lie

The Obama File

I don’t even know where to begin, although the graphic in David A. Graham’s hit-piece jumps out at you.  Visuals are good.  This one sets the tone — an angry, rabid conservative — and conspiracy theories.

Like recurring nightmares, conspiracy theories aren’t necessarily gone for good just because they disappear for a while…If you’re having a hard time keeping all these paranoid points of view straight, here’s a handy primer.

He lists his favorite theories, starting with, “Barack Obama was not born in the United States.”

It’s not clear where he must have been born instead: some say Indonesia; some say Kenya (initial suggestions that Hawaiian natives weren’t citizens when he was born in Honolulu in 1961 were quickly dismissed).  The point, so-called birthers say, is that he wasn’t born in the good old US of A, hence isn’t a natural-born citizen and therefore cannot legally be president.

Proponents: Chief birther and Beverly Hills dentist and attorney Orly Taitz, WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah, Rep. Nathan Deal (R-Ga.), former presidential and Senate candidate Alan Keyes, assorted tea partiers.

Kernel of Truth?  It’s fully debunked.  Forged Kenyan birth certificates have been exposed, and — despite protestations to the contrary  Obama’s birth certificate has been certified by the state of Hawaii, and images have been shown on national television.  And that’s leaving aside plenty of circumstantial proof, like birth announcements in both major Hawaiian papers from August 1961.

Joseph Goebbels would be proud of Graham’s application of his “Big Lie” technique.  His statement, “It’s fully debunked,” is easy to debunk.  He’s either a Gullible or a propagandist — maybe both.

He says, “Obama’s birth certificate has been certified by the state of Hawaii, and images have been shown on national television,” is one big lie, made up of little lies.

The last know sighting of Barack Obama’s birth certificate was sometime in the 1970s, and nobody in Hawaii has ever said, “I have seen Barack Obama’s birth certificate,” and and nobody in Hawaii has ever said, “I have certified Barack Obama’s birth certificate.” Nobody!  At no time.

The state of Hawaii never certified any such thing.  As a matter of fact, officials from the State of Hawaii have said just the opposite, and the only thing they’ll confirm is that they have Obama’s “vital records,” and that they have been amended.

Hawaii’s officials speak in written form.  I challenge Graham to produce a document from any Hawaiian official that says, “Obama’s birth certificate has been certified by the state of Hawaii.”

Any image shown on television, is a digital copy of a digital copy, of a digital copy — useless– means nothing.  Go here, and print your own copy of Obama’s bogus “Certification of Live Birth.”  When you’ve printed a copy, hold it in your hand, and ask yourself, “What does this prove?”  These four examiners say its bogus, and provide copious documentation to support their opinions.

And, of course, there’s always the “birth announcements.”

Let’s get this straight.  The birth announcements prove nothing. They would not be accepted of proof of anything in any court of law.  Especially when it can be demonstrated that Barack Obama Sr. never, ever lived at 6085 Kalanianaole Highway, the address in the announcement.  Senior remained in the “small, single story home at 625 11th Ave.” until he left Hawaii on June 22,1962.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Obama has presented 3 items to the American People as his bona fides — his mythology, “Dreams…,” a counterfeit birth document, and two old newspaper clippings.

What’s going on in Graham’s propaganda piece is he’s trying to frame the issue.  To him the issue is about the birthplace.  However, The issue isn’t where Obama was born.  Fine!  He was born in Hawaii — even if he adamantly refuses to press a button and prove it — and even if no hospital, doctor, nurse, midwife or fireman has come forward to say, yup!, that’s a fact.

The issue is whether Barack Obama is eligible under the terms of the U. S. Constitution to serve as Commander-in-Chief  — and, quite simply, he’s not — as shown here, Obama is ineligible because he is a statutory citizen, not a “natural born” citizen.  He  is an usurper, who sits in the Oval Office as the result of a coup d’état.  The ad hominem attacks, diversions and misinformation by these Obots can never change that fact.

Obama may serve his one-term, and retire, but this is never, ever going to go away.  Some day it will all come out — and in a gusher.  History will come out.


4 thoughts on “The Big Lie

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  2. Daddy was a non-American Kenyan.
    Kenya was a British Colony.
    That makes daddy a British Subject.
    That makes daddy under British Jurisdiction and the British Nationality Act of 1948.
    That makes any child born of Barack Hussein Obama Sr. a British Subject at the moment of birth no matter where that birth takes place.
    If Stanly Ann Dunham somehow caused her son to be born a American, he was still born a British Subject also.
    No one born a British Subject can ever be considered a Natural Born American Citizen!
    Article 2. Section 1. paragraph 5. of our great Constitution still says, as it always has, that you have to be a Natural Born American Citizen to run for and hold the office of POTUS.
    Barack Hussein Obama Jr. is not a Natural Born American Citizen therefore he could not have legally ran for POTUS and was never legally elected.
    He is a usurper!
    We have not had a President since January 20 2009.
    Not one law or bill has changed a thing since George W. Bush stepped down. There was no President to sign them.
    Old Joe Biden is not next in line, the line of succession never legally formed.
    We have functioned without a Government for over a year.
    I think we did real well.
    The Communists coup tried to rule by deceit and trickery but it looks like they failed.
    American conservatives are now stronger than they have been in 30 tears.
    We now have the people to defeat the Communist coup.
    Let the battle begin!
    Join the fight!

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