Google Bans Sale of DVD Critical Of Obama Administration

This movie has been on the Sidebar of this site for a couple of weeks. If this movie doesn’t open your eyes, and start raising a lot of questions then have another glass of obama Kool-aid and go back to sleep. 1Dragon

Statism Watch

It was revealed last September that, in a throwback to the tactics of the Nixon administration, the Obama whitehouse has an ‘enemies list’ – and Alex Jones, radio talk show host, is on it. And now this. Naturally, any attack on the First Amendment, on the right to free speech, must be resisted with ‘extreme prejudice’, as the saying goes. The target of censorship, in a rational society, is irrelevant. The right to free speech is the first and last bastion of civil society and must be defended on principle. Incidentally, here’s the video Google doesn’t want you to watch, over on Youtube.

2 thoughts on “Google Bans Sale of DVD Critical Of Obama Administration

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  2. Just another reason to get a new email address and quit using them, they are like a metastatic tumor, a bunch of pimple faced Obamabots who are in the tank, look for a change in Email, J.C.

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