Americans must defend America, as no one else is left to do it


The Post & E-Mail

by John Charlton

The Gadsen Flag, in the age of the American Revolution, symbolized the defiance of freemen in the face of tyranny.

(Feb. 16, 2010) — And there is no one left to defend the United States but We the People, because by stratagems and deceits various and obscure to most, the will to fight and the knowledge of who the enemy is have been sapped from those who govern and protect us, both in the Federal and State governments.

That this thesis is true can be proven simply by a calm consideration of the facts. However, such a consideration requires the soul of a patriot to steel himself to take up arms to defend the country, because when there is no law and order, the People must restore law and order, even by force.

That the “war on terrorism” — George Bush’s coined phrase — was lost when it was announced does not seem so obvious.  However, if you think about it, there never was an alliance of terrorists plotting against America; it was an alliance of Muslims, with the zeal of their religion ardent enough to put Muhammad’s maniacal agenda into action against the last remaining world superpower:  the U.S.A..

To call it a “war against terrorism” was, in my humble opinion, a concession to the Saudi interests which walked hand-in-hand with George Bush.  To call the reaction to 9-11 a war against Islamists or a  war against Islam, or even a war to defend American against Islam, was too much for Saudi Arabia.

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Evidence of Climate Fraud Grows, Media Coverage Doesn’t

American Thinker

Marc Sheppard
Newsbusters’ Noel Sheppard lets the mainstream media have it for completely ignoring this weekend’s game-changing revelations from Climategate conspirator Phil Jones while jumping all over the ejection of director Kevin Smith from a Southwest Airlines plane for being too fat.
For those who may have taken the three-day weekend off from the blogosphere (and Fox News) — the BBC released a Q&A and corresponding interview with the embattled erstwhile CRU chief on Friday.  In each, the discredited Climategate conspirator revealed a number of surprising insights into his true climate beliefs, the most shocking of which was that 20th-century global warming may not have been unprecedented.  As I pointed out in Sunday’s article, Climategate’s Phil Jones Confesses to Climate Fraud, as the entire anthropogenic global warming (AGW) theory is predicated on correlation with rising CO2 levels, this first-such confession from an IPCC senior scientist is nothing short of earth-shattering.
Noel has dug up some statistics on the major news agencies’ coverage of this vital chapter in what history will likely deem its greatest case of scientific fraud ever:

·   No mention by the New York Times
·   No mention by the Washington Post
·   No mention by USA Today
·   No mention by ANY major U.S. newspaper EXCEPT the Washington Times
·   No mention by the Associated Press
·   No mention by Reuters
·   No mention by UPI
·   No mention by ABC News
·   No mention by CBS News
·   No mention by NBC News
·   No mention by MSNBC

As well as their treatment of Clerks director Kevin Smith being thrown off an airplane for the alleged crime of donut overindulgence:

·         The New York Times reported it
·         The Washington Post reported it
·         The Associated Press reported it
·         UPI reported it
·         ABC News reported it
·         CBS News reported it
·         CNN reported it — 14 TIMES!

Noel points out that the same complicit media entities were similarly asleep-at-the-wheel when the Climategate scandal broke last November.  Indeed, with the notable exceptions of Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, it was exclusively new media outlets such as this one reporting and analyzing the facts uncovered concerning the fraud-suggesting-emails, the data-manipulating computer source code, the funding hypocrisies, and exactly which “decline” the scoundrels were hiding.

Of course, I must add that the blackout didn’t end with Britain’s Climategate. The MSM have been equally silent about the complicit conspirators on this side of the Atlantic.  As we reported last month, a report by three Americans (Joe D’Aleo, Anthony Watts and E.M Smith) has uncovered intentional global temperature misrepresentations by the two premiere U.S. climate agencies: the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS).
The ramifications of this doctoring of the temperature records used by policy-influencing agencies worldwide – including the green-guidelines-granddaddy of them all — the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change — to analyze temperature anomalies are staggering.  And yet – where was the MSM?
And speaking of the Nobel Prize winning IPCC, the seemingly never-ending number of “facts” in their most recent Assessment Report found to be utterly false and/or of questionable origin — See IPCC: International Pack of Climate Crooks — should be front page news.  After all, this is the green bible on which every crazy and economy destroying scheme from domestic cap-and-tax to EPA chief Lisa Jackson’s sinister carbon regulation plot to international “climate debt” reparations is based.
Yet – the complicit media continue to speak of fantasy “green jobs” and the failings of Copenhagen and big-oil-paid-for Republicans and the need to pass President Obama’s so-called climate bill rather than doing the job they signed on for and unequivocally owe the American public:  Asking questions.
I think Noel’s choice of closing words and punctuation expresses it perfectly:  Shame on them!!!


Obama’s Complacent Terror Czar

The Obama File

Associated Content is reporting that Obama’s Terror Czar John Brennan says that 20% of the released terrorists going back to the battlefield to kill Americans and others “isn’t that bad.”  In another “What the hell did you just say?!”-moment that’s becoming, sadly, increasingly common with Obama’s rogue terror czar, John Brennan was speaking at — of all places! — the Islamic Center of New York University just this past Saturday.  Since it was the Islamic Center and all, what better venue for John Brennan to spout another completely shocking and widely condemnable opinion that just confirms all the prior criticism that’s rightfully been swirling around him for months!  You know, just the same old, same old criticism that he’s not up to the job, is inept, or simply is too liberal to be effective at his post as terror czar.

Brennan’s stunning attitude of complacency toward the very real statistic that one-fifth of all released terrorists will immediately return to kill Americans referred to a now-notorious figure that made an appearance in a letter to Nancy Pelosi earlier this month.  This 20%-figure was first found in a Pentagon study on recidivism rates of the terrorists who were held at Guantanamo Bay.

The context in which Brennan used that 20%-figure during his speech at the ironically appropriate Islamic Center at New York University was his comparison of terrorists and recidivism to mere, common criminals in the American penal system and recidivism there.  In fact, as you will witness yourself in the following video, Brennan’s exact words on the subject were:

“People sometimes use that figure, 20%, say, ‘Oh, my goodness, one out of five detainees returned to some type of extremist activity.’  You know, the American penal system, the recidivism is up to something about 50% or so, as far as return to crime. 20% isn’t that bad.”

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Oops! Obama tells another nativity fib?

By Jerome R. Corsi
© 2010 WorldNetDaily

Barack Obama Sr.

Official documents catch Barack Obama in another apparent misrepresentation of his life story, this time challenging a claim made during his campaign that his father was part of a JFK-era airlift to bring Kenyan students to the U.S. to study in American universities.

WND research indicates Barack Obama Sr. was not brought to Hawaii in 1959 by any airlift of Kenyan students organized by baseball great Jackie Robinson, John F. Kennedy or the African-American Students Foundation, the AASF.

Nor was Barack Obama Sr. on any of the three subsequently chartered airplanes in what became known as the “second airlift” organized by Kenyan Luo politician Tom Mboya in 1960 after the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Foundation contributed $100,000 to AASF.

Moreover, after a thorough search of the Jackie Robinson papers at the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress, WND can find no mention of Barack Obama Sr. in the files on deposit, either as an applicant or candidate for an airlift from Kenya to study in the U.S.

The manifest of the 81 students actually flown from Kenya Sept. 9, 1959, in a plane chartered by Jackie Robinson in conjunction with the AASF does not contain Barack Obama Sr.’s name. Robinson was assisted by singer Harry Belafonte and actor Sidney Poitier.

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Let the Impeachment Begin…

The Betrayal

1. Fraud to Attain Office
. . Citizenship Status
. . Foreign Campaign Funding
. . Use of Multiple SS#s
. . Lying (video of who he is)
. . Deception wrt Name (Barry Soetero)

2. Bribery, High Crimes & Misdemeanors
. . Dismissing Inspector General w/o Cause
. . 30+ Czars (COTUS advice & consent?)
. . Executive Orders (COTUS = legislative)
. . Intimidation of the Media
. . Intimidation of the Courts
. . Unsavory Relationships (ACORN, SEIU)
. . Pot. Funding for Favors wrt ACORN, SEIU
. . Theft – Owning America Businesses
. . Signing Treaties w/o COTUS advice & consent
. . Looking to Foreign Law
. . Treating Foreign Terrorists like US Citizens
. . Appointing Pot. Islamists to Security Posts
. . Believing in Fantasies about Islam
. . Believing in Fantasies about Economics
. . Swearing False Oath

3. Treason?
. . Interfering with War Effort (Ft Hood).
. . Aid & Funding to Palestinians (HAMAS)
. . Words & Deeds to Support our Enemies
. . Words & Deeds to Weaken the US
. . Appointing an Envoy to Enemies (OIC)

4. Utter Unsuitability & Marxism
. . Spread the Wealth Around
. . The Cairo Speech & Mentality (#2?)
. . Appointing Marxists & Communists
. . Contempt for the US Constitution
. . Contempt for America & Americans
. . Refusal to Release Records (#1?)
. . ‘I know nothing, but the police acted stupidly’

For starters…


Three Major Firms Pull Out of Climate Change Alliance

A plane flies over a British Petroleum gas station at Heathrow in London Feb. 2. (Reuters Photo)

Fox News

The sudden pullout of three corporate giants from a leading alliance of businesses and environmental groups could be the death knell for climate change legislation languishing on Capitol Hill.

ConocoPhillips, BP America and Caterpillar’s announced Tuesday they will pull out of the U.S. Climate Action Partnership, citing complaints that the bills now in Congress are unfair to American industry.

BP spokesman Ronnie Chappell said Tuesday’s announcements are not a statement on the likelihood that climate change legislation will fail.

“I would never speculate as to what would happen with a pending piece of legislation,” Chappell said.

But he said the bills on the table no longer “conform” with what USCAP envisioned for a climate change bill. He said the legislation — including one bill that passed the House but is stalled in the Senate — does not provide adequate protections to U.S. refineries.

If any bills are passed, they will result in more oil imports, the closure of U.S. refineries and the loss of U.S. jobs. Plus he said it’s too hard on the transportation sector.

“We do not believe that the bills now pending in Congress conform to the USCAP blueprint, in that a disproportionate share of the emissions reductions and disproportionate share of the cost fall on the transportation sector and on transportation consumers and motorists,” he said.

Both BP America and Caterpillar were founding members of the group.

ConocoPhillips CEO Jim Mulva also said in a statement that the House and Senate bills “disadvantaged the transportation sector and its consumers” and “unfairly penalized” domestic refineries that would have to face international competition on an unbalanced playing field.

“We believe greater attention and resources need to be dedicated to reversing these missed opportunities, and our actions today are part of that effort,” he said.

The companies described their withdrawal from the group as a way to advocate for climate change legislation in other ways.

“Our position on the need for comprehensive climate change legislation has not changed,” Chappell said. “We can be a more effective voice in the climate change debate if we participate as BP and not as part of a larger organization. … We will still be very active in the climate change discussions and we will still be advocating for legislation that conforms to the USCAP blueprint.”

USCAP released a brief statement Tuesday announcing that the member companies were leaving the organization. The group said the companies “provided invaluable assistance, expertise and significant commitments of time and resources” in pushing for a major climate bill.

The group reiterated its view that Congress should act on a climate bill this year.

“We believe that U.S. action on energy and climate legislation in 2010 will preserve and create American jobs, secure our energy future and generate new investment in the global clean energy economy,” the statement said.

The statement noted that while three companies were leaving, others have recently joined and USCAP “expects to add new members in the coming months.”

The push for climate change legislation has been hampered by more than just concern over its impact on the U.S. economy. The record snowfall this year in Washington, D.C., and other areas of the country has fueled skeptics who see the snow-covered capital as evidence that global warming is a myth, though scientists argue that temperatures have risen over the long term and that extreme weather — even snow — can be a symptom of climate change.

The U.N. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December ended with a non-binding agreement. And that was preceded by controversy over leaked e-mails from a British climate research center that appeared to show scientists discussing ways to obscure certain climate data.

Add to that Republican Scott Brown’s election to the U.S. Senate from Massachusetts in January — a win that broke the Democrats’ 60-vote filibuster-proof majority.

The conservative Competitive Enterprise Institute seized on the departure of the three companies from USCAP as a sign that “cap-and-trade legislation is dead in the U.S. Congress and that global warming alarmism is collapsing rapidly.”