Natural Born Citizen — The Four Cases

The Obama File

Many citizens of this country fail to meet the “natural born citizen” classification and yet have no divided loyalties.  At no fault of their own, they are disqualified from pursuing the position of President of the United States of America.

Loyalty lies within men’s hearts and minds and not their birth circumstances.  One’s birth circumstances could have the possibility of, but not a guarantee of, promoting divided loyalties and that is the reason for the “natural born citizen” clause/language within our constitution.

There are many that will argue the logic, because to them it will seem unfair.  Maybe it is unfair, but that is what the constitutional amendment process is for.  Personally, I don’t think it’s unfair, because the “natural born citizen” language was wisely and intentionally installed in the U. S. Constitution as a national security measure or safeguard.  It was put there to protect our country from a Commander in Chief with divided loyalties.  This is the exact situation that we find ourselves in now as Barack Obama has, on more than one occasion, proclaimed that he is a “citizen of the world.”  That is how he sees himself.

Read “natural born” citizen, the four cases:  Reagan, Obama, McCain, and Schwarzenegger here .

One thought on “Natural Born Citizen — The Four Cases

  1. Very well compiled! Now get your message to main stream America! We are all in this together. Destroy the Communist coup and stop the spread of the New World Order before we are ruled obsolete and “they” have control of our lives and existance.

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