Obama’s BIRTH CERTIFICATION Amendment was in last 6 months Before He Announced His Run For Presidency


By Butterdezillion

Here’s some new information – haven’t even added it to my blog yet.

According to http://uspolitics.about.com/od/senators/a/barack_obama.htm , Axelrod started videotaping Obama in 2003 for footage that he later used in Obama’s January 16, 2007 announcement that he would run for the presidency.

According to the UIPA responses received by Terri K and myself and the retention schedules for receipts, Obama’s amendment happened sometime between September of 2006 and January of 2007, since those records are to be retained for 3 years and receipts for fees to amend Obama’s vital records were denied to Terri K in September of 2006 and no longer existed when I requested them in January of 2010.

IOW, the DOH has revealed that in the last 6 months before Obama announced his run for the presidency he amended his birth record in Hawaii. That amendment was before the Factcheck COLB was printed in June of 2007 so if that COLB was legitimate it would definitely have had note of the amendment. So the Factcheck and Fight the Smears COLB’s are definitely forgeries and not just a COLB printed before the amendment was made.

Again, my conclusions are entirely based upon what the Hawaii Department of Health has stated in official responses to official UIPA requests and the laws, rules, and regulations which govern the records and statements they have made. If we take Hawaii at its word this is the natural conclusion we would make.

The certificate number and filing date that are mismatched according to the Nordyke certificate numbers and filing date confirm this also.

I haven’t checked this out yet, but the documentary requirements to amend a birth certificate 45 years after the birth would be hard to come by.

What kind of evidence would be sufficient to prove that a record in existence for 45 years and never corrected before had been wrong all along?

What would a person legitimately correct 45 years after the birth – after having used that birth certificate for 45 years whenever documentation was needed and never challenging the facts contained on it?


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