I Prefer Local to Global

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Perhaps it is just the product of the times in which I grew up and my experience with the events of the world. Or perhaps it is the spin that has been added to the word “global,” endowing it with an almost spiritual quality.
Mostly, though, I think it is my utter disgust with “global warming,” having spent the better part of three decades striving to defeat this plot to enable all forms of governmental intrusion into people’s lives and choices.
A bit of personal history: As a child, I recall riding the train to and from the Jersey shore when it was filled with young men in uniform, all destined to fight in far-off places whose names even then seemed exotic to me – Iwo Jima, Guadalcanal, Normandy, and Sicily. It was the harsh geography of war, but to a youngster it only meant someplace far away.
By the time I was a teenager, an older brother was already in Japan at the headquarters from which the Korean conflict was conducted. There were new names to deal with, Seoul, Incheon, and the Yalu River. By then the Cold War was well on its way.
The 1950s were full of talk of A-bombs and then H-bombs, and then intercontinental missiles. In college, I took scant notice of events in Cuba, but a few years later I would be in full combat gear waiting for orders to invade. Then the problem went away without ever really going away. It has since spread to Venezuela.
Like many Americans, I learned about the world because we were sending troops somewhere to push back against some form of aggression or some new oppressive regime. At home, the streets were filled with Civil Rights marchers or anti-war marchers, both of whom would be replaced by new groups demanding to be heard. It was the era of Woodstock and Watergate.
And no trains filled with soldiers because the military had ceased to be every young man’s duty to serve their nation. It became a voluntary military and, we’re told, one that is superior to the former model. It would suffer casualties in Beirut, wrest Grenada from a communist takeover, invade Panama to remove yet another corrupt leader and then, in response to Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, go there to set things right. After 9/11, in 2001 it would drive the Taliban and al Qaeda out of Afghanistan and then in 2003 invade Iraq to bring down Saddam Hussein.
Is it any wonder Americans are weary of war? Is it any wonder that the word “global” to my generation means some new place where young, dedicated Americans are battling some new despot, regime, or threat to peace anywhere and everywhere?
All of which brings me to the new meaning of “global” for the generations that followed mine. It is attached to “global warming,” the greatest hoax, not merely in the modern era, but in all of history! And it was initiated and implemented by an international institution that was supposed to end wars, the United Nations.
Some years ago, the UN published a book called Our Global Neighborhood, but we do not live in a global neighborhood. We live in our own, local neighborhood. The UN is all about global government with, of course, global taxes, a global army, and, as is the case of every dictatorship, a global restriction on gun ownership.
It is all about a vast matrix of global treaties that involve the surrender of some element of U.S. sovereignty to the UN to oversee “heritage” sites and our national parks. It is about an educational indoctrination program to turn American children into “citizens of the world.”
So you will have to forgive me if I look at the world and see places where Americans have continually had to sacrifice blood and treasure because someone or some nation had ambitions to impose their will on people who just wanted to be left alone.
If something terrible happens in America I do not expect to see one single other nation on Earth come to our aid.
In America today, the enemy is not always in some far-off place. It is in Washington, D.C. where an out-of-control Congress is spending and borrowing to the point where we are being warned that our dollar is at risk of being worthless. Led by a feckless new president, it has imposed huge debts on generations yet to be born.
The White House is trying to expand an “entitlement” program, Medicare that is already broke for the purpose of controlling one sixth of the nation’s economy.
The White House is giving money to banks and then threatening to tax them after they have repaid it.
The White House has bought General Motors and Chrysler instead of letting them go through a bankruptcy process like any other business.
The White House is squandering billions on “clean energy” and “green jobs,” both of which are mere fantasies while billions of barrels of oil go untapped, billions of cubic feet of natural gas remains unavailable, and hundreds of year’s worth of coal is not mined.
Congress is engaged in phony, multi-billion dollar “stimulus” programs instead of cutting taxes to jump-start the economy.
“Think globally. Act locally” is the mantra of the environmental movement, but the movement itself is a global monster, determined to decide what you can eat, how you should deal with your garbage, what kind of car or truck you can drive, how much you should heat or cool your home.
It is despotism, no matter what other name you call it.
And then there are those insane followers of Islam who want to inflict more harm on America because they are not content with killing their fellow Muslims.
I wish I could ignore the world beyond my neighborhood, but it won’t let me.

3 thoughts on “I Prefer Local to Global

  1. Subject: the Reason why we are in a period of Worldwide Depression ……

    The perfect economic storm was created when we deviated away from the Reagan Trade Policies for the policies to rally a majority of voters in the environmentalist block of voters , by shutting down and relocating large sectors of raw material and manufacturing that was then relocated By the Multi-National Corporate players who you will find on the donor list below , and financial support was what the 1994-5 WTO FREE TRADE agreement lead to .
    See this donor list , and you will find all the beneficiaries of the Tariff Free Import trade policy , as well as the Environmentalist Interests , which led to the complete merger and consolidation of the retail sector thus consolidation of the wealth of the distribution of this wealth , thereby making a crisis that then would need to be regulated , these politicians think long term and plan out these types of outcomes ; the 2 links below show you who was the greatest beneficiaries of the WTO Free Trade agreement , there heads of the Big Retail Multi-National consolidators make up a larger portion of the list .

    http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/19/us/politics/w19clinton.html voices.washingtonpost.com/…/2008/12/clinton_donor_list.html

    In my opinion this was all by design , and means to a ends , as laid out here in these 2 links ; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Communist_Manifesto

  2. And this policy below was the vehicle that led to this consolidation , and was told by independent analysis that the outcome was pertinent to the position we face today , but was ignored by the policy makers , Why ??? You know why , so they could create the crisis which now they can try to appear as the remedy too , by actually now what is trying to be put in place is Bigger Government because of a destruction of the Mom and Pop retail Sector of the wealth redistribution frame work of the period of time in US history before this Trade Policy was enacted was the greatest period of American family wealth creation in modern history but was altered to favor the power brokers on wall street , that put together the frame work that led to the consolidation of this wealth creation and redistribution network that feed a local community , made American families able to be self providing . In the 1990s I often wondered while all the merger and acquisition of the retail sectors , and manufacturing sectors that then led to the off shore movement of the labor , where was Our FTC that was to be the regulator on how much of a controlling interest a corporation could own , where were these regulators , but see from a WTO rule point , the Percentage of Consolidation of a sector is not measured on a national level , but from a Multinational level . But with Gresham’s Law of the 14th Century at play here , allowing different valued currencies to trade in the same market places , the manipulated lower valued currency will always end up consolidation the durable wealth a market . This is crucial to what happened over the last 15 years . Read this link ; http://www.statemaster.com/encyclopedia/Gresham%27s-law – this 14 th Century economic calamity was what brought down the economies of England leading up to the flight of citizens in search of a new world , like Columbus and all the others that fled and relocated to other parts of the world . What happened was a Trade action that took durable creation away from the local merchants in England , over to north Africa , by the parliament that led to a consolidation of the barter system of trade and durable wealth creation and distribution , this is almost like a road map for wealth destruction , and before the 1990s , economics taught students this fundamental flaw in economic function , and is the reason why tariff rules between different valued currency nations who want to trade exist so as to create a way to maintain balance between nations bartering and at the same time keep fundamental balance in labor and price for durable goods markets . This is what is the determining factor in a nations sovereign wealth and sovereignty overall . With this mechanism out of place , we see the results . But was it by design , and I ask this because the people we put in place to Government are Proven to be the highest educated and or hirer the highest educated in their field of expertise , but when you factor in a political agenda , and the ideology in that venue , you have to wonder if these events are all by design for a certain out come to transpire ????
    The High Cost of the China-WTO Deal: Administration’s own analysis suggests spiraling deficits, job losses
    By Robert E. Scott,
    February 1, 2000


    Ross Perot said this would happen in 1991 ; http://www.thenation.com/doc/20011231/greider

  3. Understanding the agenda setforth in these links can help to bring reason to why Consolidation of wealth of economies around the world has been the progressive movement of current trade policies over the last 15 years of the current trade policy


    http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/china/2009-12/10/content_9151129.htm China says Population control key to climate deal ;




    In terms of debating a recovery in supply-side economic fundamentals , how does population control effect the ability to value a economy that has to value consumption growth if consumer growth is stagnate going forward under this type of monetary policy ?
    See this link on the future of population growth by the top tier 1 money group ;


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