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Page one of the original U.S. Constitution

This paper’s readers know that the 2008 presidential campaign was a fraudulent farce.  Some guy from Nicaragua had his name on the ballot in a number of states.  Hillary Clinton—or, more accurately, Billary Clinton—came within a whisker of success even though returning the Clintons to the White House would clearly violate the two-term limit on presidential power specified in the 22nd Amendment.  John McCain was born in Panama—and not on a military base—but the Senate took it upon itself to declare him to be a natural born citizen anyway, in essence annulling a Constitutional eligibility requirement.  And of course the mother of all frauds was the nomination and election of Barack Obama, who was born a citizen/subject of Great Britain, as our president and commander-in-chief.  Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen of this country as required by the Constitution.

In a republic there are rules by which government is constrained.  If the rules are not followed, there is no republic but just a power-sharing arrangement between competing forces, which is America’s present form of government.  The prevailing law, then, is the law of the jungle:  might makes right.

Many citizens are OK with jungle-law as long as it favors their interests.  I know people who have no objection to Barack Hussein Obama being president EVEN IF he is not eligible for the office.  He won the election, did he not?  So live with it, they say.  Bush violated the Constitution, too, one person told me, without specifying how Bush did it, so Obama has a right to do likewise.  Two wrongs make a right, don’t you know.   These people do not believe in constitutional governance.

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