Obama’s Auntie Still Freeloading

The Obama File

Michael Graham says Here’s another Obama sweetheart deal you won’t see on C-SPAN.

This morning, the fate of Boston’s most infamous illegal immigrant, Zeituni Polly Onyango (also known as “Aunt Zeituni”) will be determined in a closed-door hearing.

Why in secret?  Because Auntie’s saga reveals every embarrassing truth that amnesty advocates and open-borders liberals like Mayor Tom Menino and Gov. Deval Patrick try to hide.

The most important being that illegal immigrants don’t get that way without first doing something, well, illegal.

Barack Obama’s Aunt Zeituni admits she illegally overstayed her visa.  Instead of obeying the law, she went to a judge in 2003 with a bogus request for asylum.  She was turned down.  She ignored the deportation order and instead filed an appeal.  She was told again: It’s illegal for you to stay — she’s still here.

Aunt Zeituni donated $260 to her nephew’s campaign for president — which is also against the law because she’s not a U.S. citizen.  How against the law is it?  Remember when Obama launched his unprecedented attack against the Supreme Court during his State of the Union?  His complaint was that foreigners might donate money to influence U.S. elections.

All these crimes extend from the first crime — violating our immigration laws.  It is simply impossible to stay in this country illegally without committing other crimes, like tax fraud and identity theft.

But it’s not the illegal stuff that Aunt Zeituni’s doing that’s so outrageous.  It’s what she’s apparently able to do legally and openly.

She is shamelessly — and happily — living in taxpayer-subsidized housing intended for citizens and legal immigrants.  Is there some poor American veteran living in a shelter because she’s got this apartment?  Aunt Zeituni doesn’t care — why should she?  Menino and the Boston Housing Authority don’t.

And now she’s back in court, using taxpayer resources with another bogus bid for asylum.  She says she can’t go back to Kenya because of “political turmoil.”  Sorry lady, but if that’s the basis for an appeal, nobody would have been allowed back in the White House since Scott Brown’s election.

Aunt Zeituni’s case puts the lie to the old canard that all criminal immigrants are here to work.  She gets a stipend from a city program, along with her housing.  In fact, as the Center for Immigration Studies points out, illegal immigrant households are far more likely to be on the dole than the average American.  She also highlights the obvious truth of the Heritage Foundation study that our 12 million illegal immigrants are a $2.2 trillion net drain on the taxpayers over the course of their lifetimes.

All of which ignores the most obvious and angering question: Why are Boston taxpayers stuck taking care of the law-breaking aunt of the President of the United States?

She’s got a millionaire in the family right now, one who also happens to live in public housing, by the way.  He’s got room, too.  Worst case scenario, Joe Biden can bunk with Bo.

Instead we get another secret deal that’s almost certain to keep the taxpayers on the hook.  Obama, here’s a problem you can solve with a phone call.  Get your aunt a plane ticket to Kenya, or D.C., or hey — how about Nebraska?

Call it the Ben Nelson version of immigration reform.  We pay for their Medicaid, Omaha pays for your aunt.

Obama could always put Aunt Zeituni up in his Chicago mansion — it’s currently unoccupied.


4 thoughts on “Obama’s Auntie Still Freeloading

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  2. I didn’t realize that Omaha, Nebraska did that. I’m referring to your second to your last line.

  3. D E P O R T H E R !
    and him!

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