The “Fourth Branch of Government”

Canada Free Press

By Terry P. Wise

I have written a couple of articles that addressed what I believe to be the overreaching power of the Executive Branch of the United States Federal Government. That topic has probably led folks to believe that I think the Second Branch is the biggest threat presented by our Federal Government. Actually, that’s far from the truth.

The First Branch of government, which makes the law of the land, and, at least in theory, directly represents We-The-People, is by far a more dominant threat.  This is the body that can change us from the United States of America (USA) into the United Socialist States of America (USSA – sound familiar?). How is it that this one branch of government can deal a death-blow to the USA single-handedly? Well, it’s because there is a Fourth Branch of government that is proving to be even more dangerous than the Legislative Branch: We-The-People.

For this Article, I’ll address only the most obvious threat. The Legislature controls the Federal government “purse strings”. Their pathetically incompetent and corrupt use of that “purse” over time will soon sink us to a depth of 14.2 Trillion Dollars in debt. That’s more than $100,000 for every family in America. By the end of this year, The Federal Government Budget will represent around 25% of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP). What does that mean? It means that the cost of the Federal Government will effectively “reduce” the availability of the “capital generated” by all “goods and services” in the entire United States, for one full year, by 25%. The Federal Government will begin this plunge during 2010 by spending 4 trillion dollars and collecting 2.25 trillion dollars; adding another 1.75 trillion dollars to our National Debt.

The Legislature, as we speak, is in the process of raising the National Debt Limit to 14.2 trillion dollars, and they’re doing it as casually as sending out their Interns for Coffee. The current Congress, under the control of Democrats, inherited a National Debt of approximately $8.6 trillion dollars. Experts predict, almost unanimously, that by the end of this President’s first term, the actions of Congress, if unchanged, will place our debt at an astonishing 17.6 trillion dollars. Double the debt, and, Oh Yeah, make that $200,000.00 for every family in the USA! And, what do you think the value of your Dollar, and your net-worth, will be when we get there?

But, by what authority are they doing this year after year after year? By what authority are they destroying our country economically once piece at a time? BY OUR AUTHORITY; YOU AND ME!  We STILL have the “power” to STOP them with two simple tools that are readily available to us: the VOTE and the RECALL. Those tools and others notwithstanding, WE DON’T STOP THEM.  So, they must be doing what we want. RIGHT? How in the world have we descended this far into “national economic disaster” without We-The-People demanding an Amendment to the Constitution to “BALANCE THE FEDERAL BUDGET”? How have we gone this far down “the wrong road” without demanding that our State Governments “stop writing Checks with money they don’t have”?

I reject the possibility that a large segment of my country is made up of Americans who want to be Socialists

I reject the possibility that a large segment of my country is made up of Americans who want to be Socialists; who want to live in a Totalitarian environment; and, who want to be ruled by a Police State. If we do nothing different, however, we most certainly are going there as so many societies have gone before us. Yet, I don’t see the outrage; I don’t see sufficient resistance; I don’t see We-The-People in peaceful “rebellion” against a government that is destroying our way of life.

A couple of million people in a “Tea Party Movement” isn’t enough; a couple of hundred-thousand people raising-hell at a town-hall-meeting is not enough; a few million people writing letters and e-mails of protest to their Senators and Representatives is not enough. Where is that better-majority of America that I believe is out there; that bigger-segment that does not want to be ruled by an Oligarchy or a Dictatorship or a Socialist Regime? BUT, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO ACT?

WE-THE-PEOPLE MUST DEMAND AN AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES TO “BALANCE THE FEDERAL BUDGET”.  WE MUST DEMAND THAT OUR STATE LEGISLATURES AMEND STATE LAW “TO REQUIRE A BALANCED BUDGET”. AND, WE MUST DO IT NOW!  It’s still a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people”, but that won’t last long if the “Fourth Branch” of government fails to seize its power from the grasp of Tyrants.


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