Obama’s prayer: ‘Don’t question my citizenship’

Posted: February 04, 2010
11:34 am Eastern

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President Obama today at the National Prayer Breakfast raised the issue of his own eligibility for office – saying that people shouldn’t be questioning his “citizenship.”

Talking about the issue of “civility,” he said, “Now, I am the first to confess I am not always right. Michelle will testify to that. But surely you can question my policies without questioning my faith, or, for that matter, my citizenship.”

The video:

Obama continues, “Challenging each other’s ideas can renew our democracy. But when we challenge each other’s motives, it becomes harder to see what we hold in common. We forget that we share at some deep level the same dreams – even when we don’t share the same plans on how to fulfill them.”

The questions, however, over Obama’s “citizenship,” actually go to the core of the American republic. Multiple lawsuits have challenged that he is not qualified for the Oval Office under the Constitution’s requirement that U.S. presidents be a “natural born citizen.”

The plaintiffs – who run into the hundreds so far and who still have a number of cases pending at the appelllate level – have alleged that failing to meet that constitutional requirement means he actually is a usurper, with no actual authority to be president.

On a forum page at The Hill newspaper, one commenter wrote that the president has only himself to blame for the questions.

“Personally I am no birther … but I am curious as to why Obama continues to beat on this issue .. is it a political ploy by his handlers to continue to use this as a divisive issue? To try and embarrass a certain segment of the population? And if not, why doesn’t he just provide the certificate and end all the speculation for the conspirators once and for all? Obama has certainly been a little less than forthcoming on his grades, his Harvard review publications and many other accomplishments…”

The reference apparently was the first time the issue has been addressed by Obama, even though he did not provided any answers. His press secretary, Robert Gibbs, repeatedly has ridiculed questions related to the subject, and the White House itself has declined to respond to any of a multitude of questions submitted by WND over months on the issue.

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6 thoughts on “Obama’s prayer: ‘Don’t question my citizenship’

  1. Seems if the didn’t have something to hide he wouldn’t be hiding it….
    But if he has nothing to show, then he can’t.
    Even his family can’t agree on his birthplace.
    Sometimes I feel sorry for him, maybe he’s ashamed of where he came from.

    • Maybe, but if you are ashamed of something, why bring it up in the first place? Thanks for your comments.

      • The elephant in the room is Obama’s eligibility question. With everyone asking about it he’d look even more foolish to pretend it isn’t there. Maybe the rest of the herd in the room will eventually get his attention and he’ll out with his transparently invisible missing college papers….

  2. As of right now it will take a court order to get to his papers, but even with that it will be fought for years to come. My views on this man are simple and straight forward. Since his father was not an American Citizen, Barry is not a Natural Born Citizen. It doesn’t matter where he was born. This and this alone makes him Unconstitutional to be President. However, the elected officials in Washington can’t understand this. Maybe it’s just to simple for them to understand. Barry could have been born in the center of Times Square and he would still be Unconstitutional because of his father. His college records could prove this as well as other things he has kept hidden from the people.
    Thank you for your comments.

  3. He got caught on his own web of lies. Where he is now is a result of all the lies he made and all those cover ups he did of himself. In the first place if he just admitted his mistake apologize rather than spawning and fabricating 1 lie after another. Obama just has too much pride and too arrogant.

    • Thanks for your comment. If you check, you’ll find that there are so many lies, even his own people can’t keep them straight.

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