Chrysler bankruptcy lawyers raise eligibility question

By Bob Unruh
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Lawyers defending the government-orchestrated deal by which Chrysler was purchased by Fiat and hundreds of dealers were thrown out of the network have raised President Barack Obama’s eligibility for office as a possible issue in the dispute.

In a footnote in their latest court filing, attorneys representing the old car company at the firm of Jones Day have cited a “scheme” purportedly on the part of the lawyers for the former Chrysler dealers – the plaintiffs in the case.

“Although the debtors have no independent knowledge of these matters, the debtors have taken note of certain public statements connecting the motion to a crusade involving the movants’ counsel to challenge Barack Obama’s legitimacy as president of the United States,” the court filing states. “For example, one report has stated: Birthers are launching yet another scheme … [that] involves a legal maneuver known as ‘quo warranto,’ a prerogative writ requiring the person to whom it is directed to show what authority he has for exercising some right or power (or ‘franchise’) he claims to hold.”

Attorney Stephen Pidgeon, who along with Leo Donofrio is representing more than 70 former Chrysler dealerships put out of business by the machinations involved in granting massive quantities of taxpayer funds

to Chrysler, which then was taken over by Fiat, said it’s a good sign for the case.

“This is very encouraging because they are attempting to distract the court from the law, a tactic they would not employ if they truly thought the law was on their side. … This case is getting very interesting,” he said.

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Obama’s prayer: ‘Don’t question my citizenship’

Posted: February 04, 2010
11:34 am Eastern

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President Obama today at the National Prayer Breakfast raised the issue of his own eligibility for office – saying that people shouldn’t be questioning his “citizenship.”

Talking about the issue of “civility,” he said, “Now, I am the first to confess I am not always right. Michelle will testify to that. But surely you can question my policies without questioning my faith, or, for that matter, my citizenship.”

The video:

Obama continues, “Challenging each other’s ideas can renew our democracy. But when we challenge each other’s motives, it becomes harder to see what we hold in common. We forget that we share at some deep level the same dreams – even when we don’t share the same plans on how to fulfill them.”

The questions, however, over Obama’s “citizenship,” actually go to the core of the American republic. Multiple lawsuits have challenged that he is not qualified for the Oval Office under the Constitution’s requirement that U.S. presidents be a “natural born citizen.”

The plaintiffs – who run into the hundreds so far and who still have a number of cases pending at the appelllate level – have alleged that failing to meet that constitutional requirement means he actually is a usurper, with no actual authority to be president.

On a forum page at The Hill newspaper, one commenter wrote that the president has only himself to blame for the questions.

“Personally I am no birther … but I am curious as to why Obama continues to beat on this issue .. is it a political ploy by his handlers to continue to use this as a divisive issue? To try and embarrass a certain segment of the population? And if not, why doesn’t he just provide the certificate and end all the speculation for the conspirators once and for all? Obama has certainly been a little less than forthcoming on his grades, his Harvard review publications and many other accomplishments…”

The reference apparently was the first time the issue has been addressed by Obama, even though he did not provided any answers. His press secretary, Robert Gibbs, repeatedly has ridiculed questions related to the subject, and the White House itself has declined to respond to any of a multitude of questions submitted by WND over months on the issue.

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Obama, Pelosi, Rangel, Geithner, Holder on Judicial Watch 2009 Most Corrupt List; MSM Silent

Big Journalism

Judicial Watch issued its  Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” for 2009″ list a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been waiting for MSM coverage of this story–as President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Tim Geithner, Eric Holder, Charles Rangel, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, John Murtha, Roland Burris, Rep. Jesse Jackson, and John Ensign are this year’s trophy winners.

For the record, Ensign is the only Republican and President Bush has never been on the list. I wonder if the Ds and Rs were flipped, if the MSM would have covered the story because I have not been able to find anything on this story from the major networks.  I found the story handily on the FoxNation but nowhere else in the MSM.


After Senator Harry Reid, in 2005, called the Republican Congress the most corrupt in history, he may want to look at the 2009 list and retract that statement.  It’s refreshing to see that the United States government is so well represented on this list, including the President, Speaker of the House, Secretary of the Treasury, Attorney General, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, House Financial Services Committee Chairman (Frank), and Chairman of Housing, Banking, and Urban Affairs (Dodd).

Furthermore, Obama has been on Judicial Watch’s Most Corrupt list each year since 2006—in 2008, and 2007, and 2006 (dishonorable mention).

Because so many high-ranking elected officials in Congress and members of Obama’s cabinet, in addition to the President himself  are deep-rooted in corruption year after year, the United States has joined the ranks of other corrupt governments throughout the world. Sadly, parents cannot even look to our President and elected officials as role models for our children because I’ve never heard a child say, “When I grow up, I want to be a corrupt politician.”  The shame and dishonor to their family names, the Founders, and the American people that these people bring to the USA should not be tolerated anymore.

Here’s a sample.  The subject is — who else? — soon-to-be-former Senator Chris Dodd:


This marks two years in a row for Senator Dodd, who made the 2008 “Ten Most Corrupt” list for his corrupt relationship with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and for accepting preferential treatment and loan terms from Countrywide Financial, a scandal which still dogs him.  In 2009, the scandals kept coming for the Connecticut Democrat.  In 2009, Judicial Watch filed a Senate ethics complaint against Dodd for undervaluing a property he owns in Ireland on his Senate Financial Disclosure forms.  Judicial Watch’s complaint forced Dodd to amend the forms.  However, press reports suggest the property to this day remains undervalued.  Judicial Watch also alleges in the complaint that Dodd obtained a sweetheart deal for the property in exchange for his assistance in obtaining a presidential pardon (during the Clinton administration) and other favors for a long-time friend and business associate.  The false financial disclosure forms were part of the cover-up.  Dodd remains the head the Senate Banking Committee.

See the entire Judicial Watch 2009 Most Corrupt List here.

Did Reuters Yank Article Because It Was Too Truthful?

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Sometimes, the truth hurts. In the case of an article published yesterday at 4:04 p.m. Eastern, it appears that Reuters editors were afraid writer Terri Cullen’s adventure into truthful journalism might hurt their news agency’s relationship with President Barack Obama — so they yanked it.

Published under the headline “Backdoor taxes hit middle class,” the article opened by describing the Obama Administration’s plan to cut more than $1 trillion from the deficit over the next decade as relying “heavily on so-called backdoor tax increases that will result in a bigger tax bill for middle-class families.” Four hours and three minutes after it hit the wire, the story was “withdrawn,” apparently at the Administration’s urging, with a promise that “a] replacement story will run later in the week.”

Why did Reuters pull the story? One site cited a Reuters rep as saying the piece was withdrawn “due to significant errors of fact” and “should not have gone out.” I think it was the language used in the article that prompted Reuters to pull it. In particular, it was the series of phrases shown below that, combined with the one mentioned above, must have made the hair stand up on the back of Rahm Emanuel’s neck:

“…effectively a tax hike by stealth.”

“middle-class families will face a slew of these backdoor increases.”

Perhaps the largest contributing factor to the article being yanked is a list of tax break provisions popular among middle-class families that Obama might allow to expire:

* Taxpayers who itemize will lose the option to deduct state sales-tax payments instead of state and local income taxes.

* The $250 teacher tax credit for classroom supplies.

* The tax deduction for up to $4,000 of college tuition and expenses.

* Individuals who don’t itemize will no longer be able to increase their standard deduction by up to $1,000 for property taxes paid.

* The first $2,400 of unemployment benefits are taxable, in 2009 that amount was tax-free.

The last line of the story was, perhaps, the proverbial “nail in the coffin” for the Reuter’s piece:

* Trickle-down-taxation.


Rush Limbaugh On Obama’s State Of The Nation Speech

The Obama Flie

Well, yeah.  I gave up after 50 minutes.  I heard it all before.  There was nothing new in it.  The only difference was the tone.  I went back and listened to some of his soaring rhetorical speeches during the campaign.  This was defensive, petulant, immature, childish, sarcastic.  He’s clearly angry that he’s been rejected — that his wonderfully brilliant ideas (health care and cap and trade) have been rejected.  I saw a guy, a young, inexperienced guy just mad.  I think, Gretchen — I really do.  I think this is the first time in his life that there’s not a professor around to turn his C into an A or to write the law review article for him that he can’t write.  He’s totally exposed.  There’s nobody to make it better.  I think he’s been covered for all of his life.  The fact that his agenda has totally failed this year is the best thing that could have happened to this country.  I thank God every day that this is going down the tubes, that that Massachusetts election happened.  Not that God had anything to do with it.  That’s just the person I thank.


The Constitution meets Politics in Tennessee

The Post & E-Mail

by Sharon Rondeau

According to via the AP, when Maclin Davis, a former Tennessee state representative, Legal Counsel for the Tennessee Republican Party and practicing attorney asked  State Speaker and Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey  whether or not he believed Barack Obama is a U.S. citizen, Ramsey responded:  ““I’ve got a table full of advisers sitting over there, and they’ll probably start cringing right about now when I start talking about some of this stuff…I don’t know whether President Obama is a citizen of the United States or not.  I don’t know what the whole deal is there.”

The question arose at a meeting of the Nashville Republicans’ First Tuesday Club held on February 2, 2010.  According to the Nashville Scene, Mr. Davis began the exchange by suggesting that a state law be passed requiring that “in all future elections no candidate for president can be put on the ballot in Tennessee unless they produce positive proof they are a native-born citizen.”

Mr. Davis is a partner at the Waller Lansden law firm in Nashville, where he practices in the areas of real estate, business, election law and “constitutional cases.”  He has been admitted to argue in front of the U.S. Supreme Court, according to the firm’s website.

Ramsey, who is running for governor of Tennessee, then said, “But I’m going to tell you something.  When you walk out on the street down here, people don’t really care about this issue.” He contended that state Republicans should concentrate on “jobs, education and fiscal conservatism,” but  then addressed Mr. Davis, “”I’m not saying you’re not right, Mac, I’m not saying you’re not right – but that’s not how you win elections.”

Also according to the Nashville Scene, Davis then commented, “It seems like it would be really good if somebody would file a suit against our present president to get back all the money he’s been paid as president on the grounds he’s not a legitimate president since he’s not a native-born citizen. The great preponderance of the evidence is he’s not a citizen…”

The Democrat response labeled Ramsey’s remarks “a ludicrous idea.”  Chip Forrester, the Democrat Party Chairman for the state of Tennessee, stated, ““Ron Ramsey would rather pander to a far-right wing group of conspiracy theorists than govern in a pragmatic approach that most Tennesseans expect from their political leaders.”

Brad Todd, an adviser to Ramsey, answered the Democrat charge by stating, “You can’t be serious.  That’s totally taking his answer out of context.  The state of Hawaii has already answered that in no uncertain terms and [Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey] made it clear in his remarks that conservatives need to focus our efforts only on POLICY differences with this administration…”

The Post & Email published a related story on the state of Hawaii’s refusal to verify the statements of its own Health Department Director regarding whether or not Obama is a “natural born citizen.”


The “Fourth Branch of Government”

Canada Free Press

By Terry P. Wise

I have written a couple of articles that addressed what I believe to be the overreaching power of the Executive Branch of the United States Federal Government. That topic has probably led folks to believe that I think the Second Branch is the biggest threat presented by our Federal Government. Actually, that’s far from the truth.

The First Branch of government, which makes the law of the land, and, at least in theory, directly represents We-The-People, is by far a more dominant threat.  This is the body that can change us from the United States of America (USA) into the United Socialist States of America (USSA – sound familiar?). How is it that this one branch of government can deal a death-blow to the USA single-handedly? Well, it’s because there is a Fourth Branch of government that is proving to be even more dangerous than the Legislative Branch: We-The-People.

For this Article, I’ll address only the most obvious threat. The Legislature controls the Federal government “purse strings”. Their pathetically incompetent and corrupt use of that “purse” over time will soon sink us to a depth of 14.2 Trillion Dollars in debt. That’s more than $100,000 for every family in America. By the end of this year, The Federal Government Budget will represent around 25% of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP). What does that mean? It means that the cost of the Federal Government will effectively “reduce” the availability of the “capital generated” by all “goods and services” in the entire United States, for one full year, by 25%. The Federal Government will begin this plunge during 2010 by spending 4 trillion dollars and collecting 2.25 trillion dollars; adding another 1.75 trillion dollars to our National Debt.

The Legislature, as we speak, is in the process of raising the National Debt Limit to 14.2 trillion dollars, and they’re doing it as casually as sending out their Interns for Coffee. The current Congress, under the control of Democrats, inherited a National Debt of approximately $8.6 trillion dollars. Experts predict, almost unanimously, that by the end of this President’s first term, the actions of Congress, if unchanged, will place our debt at an astonishing 17.6 trillion dollars. Double the debt, and, Oh Yeah, make that $200,000.00 for every family in the USA! And, what do you think the value of your Dollar, and your net-worth, will be when we get there?

But, by what authority are they doing this year after year after year? By what authority are they destroying our country economically once piece at a time? BY OUR AUTHORITY; YOU AND ME!  We STILL have the “power” to STOP them with two simple tools that are readily available to us: the VOTE and the RECALL. Those tools and others notwithstanding, WE DON’T STOP THEM.  So, they must be doing what we want. RIGHT? How in the world have we descended this far into “national economic disaster” without We-The-People demanding an Amendment to the Constitution to “BALANCE THE FEDERAL BUDGET”? How have we gone this far down “the wrong road” without demanding that our State Governments “stop writing Checks with money they don’t have”?

I reject the possibility that a large segment of my country is made up of Americans who want to be Socialists

I reject the possibility that a large segment of my country is made up of Americans who want to be Socialists; who want to live in a Totalitarian environment; and, who want to be ruled by a Police State. If we do nothing different, however, we most certainly are going there as so many societies have gone before us. Yet, I don’t see the outrage; I don’t see sufficient resistance; I don’t see We-The-People in peaceful “rebellion” against a government that is destroying our way of life.

A couple of million people in a “Tea Party Movement” isn’t enough; a couple of hundred-thousand people raising-hell at a town-hall-meeting is not enough; a few million people writing letters and e-mails of protest to their Senators and Representatives is not enough. Where is that better-majority of America that I believe is out there; that bigger-segment that does not want to be ruled by an Oligarchy or a Dictatorship or a Socialist Regime? BUT, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO ACT?

WE-THE-PEOPLE MUST DEMAND AN AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES TO “BALANCE THE FEDERAL BUDGET”.  WE MUST DEMAND THAT OUR STATE LEGISLATURES AMEND STATE LAW “TO REQUIRE A BALANCED BUDGET”. AND, WE MUST DO IT NOW!  It’s still a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people”, but that won’t last long if the “Fourth Branch” of government fails to seize its power from the grasp of Tyrants.


State of the Obama Message: Blame Everyone but, the Dictator-in-Chief

“Nothing I do wrong is my fault” speech

Canada Free Press

By Sher Zieve  Monday, February 1, 2010

Like some angry fop from the 15th century Court of one of the King Louis’, Obama’s now almost perpetually (and literally) upturned elitist nose-in-the-air precedes him most of the times he agrees to indulge in speaking engagements for his unwashed masses.

As if the stench from the American people—his underlings—is just too much for his haughty and recently ‘refined’ community-organizing sensibilities to bear, let alone accommodate, Barack Hussein Obama is increasingly telling the world that he is above reproach. And—if one does not believe this bigger-than-life-being-in-his-own-mind—he is in the process of developing goon squads to remind you and keep you/us in line.

Question: Did you hear of any reports from the ObamaMedia about the Obama-inspired black-masked goons’ attack on a Maricopa County police officer and her horse? I didn’t think so. It seems as if every time some think that Obama can’t get any worse, he does.

During his latest “nothing I do wrong is my fault” speech (his first State of the Union address), Obama blamed everyone but my cats and your dogs for his problems. Note: I suspect they will be next. Throughout the US dictator-in-chief’s patent lecture to Congress, he did not elicit a great deal of sympathy for the pronouncements and dictates that fell less-than-trippingly from his lyin’ lips. However, President Bush (“the former administration”) is apparently to blame for everything that has ever gone wrong or will go wrong and for Obama continuing to steal all of the American taxpayer monies—which he will use for his own purposes. Obama and the Democrat leaders even plan to now redirect the original TARP funds (much if not most of which has been paid back by the banks) for other purposes more conducive to the creation of additional slush funds that can be more easily raided.

“What you think is yours is actually mine. And I intend to take it all from you!”

Then—to add additional insult to an already badly festering wound—Obama’s scheme for a son-of-stimulus package (AKA another “jobs bill”) has been hatched. Note: Like all Marxists, the more they steal the more they want. The Marxist mind and body is never satisfied. But, then, evil never is. In fact, Obama has almost reached the point of openly saying what he really believes, which is: “What you think is yours is actually mine. And I intend to take it all from you!”

We have been standing on the precipice of a very large and very deep rocky canyon for some time now and have hardly noticed the pebbles slipping away from beneath our feet. Although we may not jump of our own accord, the constant erosion beneath us will probably do the trick of sending us into our free fall to destruction. And Obama is all about fast and purposeful erosion and destruction. Can our country and its people survive another 3 years of the despot? Answer: Only if We-the-People effectively remove his power base. That means voting out of office virtually ALL Democrats who are up for reelection in 2010. But, these must not be replaced with RINOs who have effectively infiltrated the Republican Party. We know who and what they are. From now on if we wish to retake, reestablish and keep our Republic, we must vote in only those who have a proven record of supporting the USA—not attempting to “transform” it into a totalitarian empire. If we truly want freedom and liberty, we have to fight to resecure it and never let our attention to political details slide again. If we do not…well you know what will happen. We’re already seeing the beginnings of an Orwellian nightmare. Thank God most of us are now awake.