A Message from Congress: No One Questions Our Authority

(CNSNews.com) – In the history of the United States, Congress has never forced individual Americans to buy any good or service. That would change if the health care bills approved by either the House or Senate ever became law. Each would require individuals to buy a health insurance plan approved by the government.

Since Congress started debating these bills, CNSNews.com has been asking members of Congress: Where does the Constitution authorize Congress to force individuals to buy health insurance? The legislators have given a variety of answers. Some could give no answer at all. The video embedded here puts their answers back-to-back.


2 thoughts on “A Message from Congress: No One Questions Our Authority

  1. Hello President Obama and all Democrat Politicians,

    You’re advocating and backing of open borders is not only unwise but also undefendable. At a time when millions of Citizens are in need of a job and the treasury is broken people that are in favor of Open Borders want to give jobs and public assistance to non-citizens that are in this country illegally.
    The far right wants open borders to provide cheap labor that will increase their greedy bank accounts. The left wants open borders because they are Socialists that want to end Nationhood. Shame on all of them.
    Let me remind you all that there is an election coming up. I will not vote for a single Democrat office seeker, not one at the lowest level of local politics or the highest office.
    All of you are Constitutionally ordered to look out for the Nation and the Citizen not the New World Order or any Non-Citizen. You where elected to run this Nation not the World.
    I, and many other Citizens, demand that you close the borders, expel all non-citizens here illegally, stop giving citizenship to children of illegals that are born here, criminalize anyone hiring or aiding people in this Nation illegally, and only concern yourself with the welfare of the Citizen.

    Marlin Creasote May 2010

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