B. Insane Obama

The Betrayal

B. Insane Obama:As I sat listening to B. Hussein Obama give the strangest state of the union address I have ever heard, several thoughts came to mind about what he was saying. I brushed the thoughts aside now and then to yell, “You lie” at the television, but he did not stop. The alleged media pundits drove me further to the brink by saying the president was “doubling down” on his agenda. He didn’t double down, which implies he would have some money left over. He doesn’t. B. Insane Obama went all in last night. The Obama administration is behind me and last night I felt them there.

Back to the thoughts that Dear Leader so kindly inspired last night:

* Is he out of touch with America?
* Is he so arrogant he does not care how Americans feel?
* Are his aides hiding reality from him?
* If he is aware how America feels, how does he get his pants on?

Is B. Insane Obama out of touch with America? The initial response is “Yes” but it isn’t that simple. The seventy minute chastising of anyone and everything that speaks or has spoken out against Obama and his progressive agenda felt his wrath. The Supreme Court Justices were chastised by the arrogant one for supporting the Constitution, he even lied to do it. Because the GOP is listening to the voters, Obama said they lack leadership. Want another example? How about the commission to limit banker pay and tax them, retroactively, for having taken money from the feds (which is Un-Constitutional). The commission is made up of folks (all of them) with ties to Goldman-Sachs.

The Liar in Chief showed his arrogance by chastising the Senate for defeating his bill to spend more money, to create a commission on government spending, that won’t even start until 2011 and has no teeth. Congress controls spending, taxing and the deficit. That whole “Constitution” thing just keeps getting in the way. The Tony Soprano moment of the speech came when he said he would issue an executive order to circumvent the legislative leg of the peoples government. Last night the man-child president showed his fangs multiple times and it was ugly. He insists on forcing health care on America, despite the fact that the majority of Americans do not want the drugs he is dealing. And, despite the fact that global whining is last on the list of things Obama should be working on, so says the American people, Obama states he will force his green agenda (Watermelon Communism-Green on the outside and red on the inside) and carbon reduction strategy on America, while spending money to create jobs. Nice. The carbon reduction agenda that Dear Leader has embraced will cause America to lose so many jobs, his fundamental transformation of America will be complete. America will become a third world country with Obama as the tin pot dictator.

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