Stimulus Wasted and Most Americans Know It

Big Government

by Greg Knapp

toilet money

A new poll by CNN, shows that almost 75% of Americans believe the “stimulus” wasted most of our money. There’s more:

  • 63% of public thinks projects in plan were included for purely political reasons.
  • 21% of people in poll say nearly all the money in the stimulus has been wasted.
  • Only 4% think that no stimulus dollars have been wasted.
  • 56% of the public opposes the stimulus

Joe Klein says if you think like this you’re just Too Dumb to Thrive. Klein believes we should be thanking The One for our big tax cut. Hey, I’m always in favor of letting people keep more of their own money, but if you’re looking to stimulate the economy we are doing the wrong kinds of tax cuts. Klein also ignores all the tax increases The Big O has planned.

Maybe people are a little ticked over how some of the “stimulus” money has been spent.

Some of your money has gone “to help fund nude simulated-sex dances, Saturday night ‘pervert’ revues and the airing of pornographic horror films at art houses in San Francisco.” (I guess that does “stimulate” certain Americans.)

$2.3 million has gone to help the hair stylists, nail technicians and massge “therapists” of tomorrow. (Americans won’t get their “happy ending” out of that one.)

Your hard earned money has been spent on toilets, rental cars, sediment removal and more!

Very little of the “stimulus” does much of anything to grow the economy and create jobs. Here’s a rundown of where the money has gone so far. This type of government spending never works. Government doesn’t create wealth. Every dollar they spend they have to take from you or borrow from our future.

We should cut income taxes across the board, cut corporate taxes so we go from the second highest in the world at 39.54% to the lowest in the industrialized world at 10%, and (for the next two years) cut capital gains taxes to ZERO. Watch capital and company headquarters flood America. Jobs will follow.

Less government. More freedom. Allow people to keep, spend and invest more of their own money. Let failing companies fail and stop trying to reinflate the housing bubble. It ain’t rocket science.


3 thoughts on “Stimulus Wasted and Most Americans Know It

  1. Great that the word is getting out to those that elected this fool. J.C.

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