A Chronology of Forgery & Deceit


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by John Charlton

(Jan. 27, 2010) — Most know that there are doubts about Obama’s Birth Certificate or eligibility to be president of the United States, but few are aware how his supporters passed off an obvious forgery of a Hawaiian Certification of Live Birth and used cleverly crafted quotes of apparent authorities to establish its authenticity, for the purpose of committing election fraud upon the entire nation.

The notion that it is a forgery continues to be squashed by the Main Stream Media. Consider the transcript from Chris Matthews, Hardball, program from last night, during his interview of J.D. Hayworth (R-AZ), who is challenging John McCain for the U.S. Senate seat in Arizona (note that Matthews is attempting to belittle McCain’s opponent):

Matthews asked Hayworth: “Are you as far right as the birthers?” Are you one of those who believes that the president should have to prove that he’s a citizen of the United States, and not an illegal immigrant? Are you that far right?”

“Well, gosh, we all had to bring our birth certificate’s to show we were who we said we were, and we were the age we said we were, to play football in youth sports,” Hayworth responded matter of factly. “Shouldn’t we know exactly that anyone who wants to run for public office is a natural born citizen of the United States, and is who they say they are?”

Matthews referred back to some of Hayworth’s past statements. “I’m reading your letter that says the president should go back and get his birth certificate from the governor of Hawaii,” said Matthews, who then added: “I’m just asking, do you stand by this letter?”

“Yeah, sure,” Hayworth responded.

“Should the governor of Hawaii produce evidence that the president is one of us, an American?” Matthews asked. “Do you think that’s a worthy pastime for the governor of Hawaii right now?”

“No, I — look. I’m just saying the president should come forward with the information, that’s all,” said Hayworth. “Why should we depend on the governor of Hawaii?” (Source & Video)

That Matthews should ridicule such a common-sense request, is absurd on its face; but his approach is pure Alinksy-esque tactics.

However, what the Main Stream Media don’t want you to remember or recognize is that the highly flaunted electronic image of the COLB which the Obama campaign puts forth to defend his claims to be eligible for office, was recognized as a forgery from the beginning.

This is the little known chronology of forgery and deceit, which this article will highlight for the sake of National Security.

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5 thoughts on “A Chronology of Forgery & Deceit

  1. i would like to see the certificate of live birth but it still would not solve obama’s lack of eligibility… he has admitted his father was from kenya… this fact and this fact alone established he is not a natural born citizen and can not hold the office of potus…

    • I’d like to see it too. I’d also like to see his past records from all the colleges he went to, as well as his passports. Oh, and while we are on the subject, we might as well check out his SS number.

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