Obama’s Inaugural Lies Exposed

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January 20, 2009 – President Obama made some big promises to the people. One year later has he kept his word? Let’s take a look at what he said and then what he did.

Barack Hussein Obama made a lot of promises during his two-year long campaign, and attempted to solidify these pledges in his inaugural address.  True, these promises took a softer form (some might call it pap) in his inaugural speech, but those who supported him and voted for him in 2008 understood what he was meant to do on their behalf.  This was, of course, before most of us, both on the left and on the right, knew what his real agenda was.

Well, has he delivered?

On his first day on the job, Barack Hussein Obama said about his administration:

“We will act, not only to create new jobs, but to lay a new foundation for growth:

Unemployment, which Obama promised during the campaign would not rise over 8.5%, is now 10+%, and in certain urban areas and states, it is over 14%.  Among urban youth, it is above 17%, and these percentages get worse in every successive jobs report.  Actually, I should correct myself, it seems that some new jobs were created in the Obama Administration, just not anywhere in the non-virtual United States of America.  These jobs were created in quite large numbers in the imaginary Congressional districts and  made-up zip code areas created by certain highly imaginative members of the Obama Administration.  Promised growth in the American economy, more than a year later, has not only not occurred, but actually the opposite has happened; the economy, in fact, continues to plummet .  And this is after an almost $1 trillion stimulus plan, enacted on the heels of the over $700 billion TARP plan, with a stunning lack of information provided to the American people on  where their money went.  This ‘transparency’ was, of course, promised by Obama as he sought support in passing these measures.  It would seem that the Obama Administration has decided that numerous other ‘crises,’ other than that involving our economy, are much more important; e.g., the health care non-crisis, the climate change hoax; a second stimulus after the first one didn’t work and, of course, golf.  Our President’s response to the economic needs of the American people will occur in the order to which it has been relegated, which, one imagines, will be shortly before November of this year.

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