From The White House Website

The Obama File

HotAir asks — Try to picture any other president doing this.

This is an “official White House photograph.”  What’s worse, the fact that Obama treats the Oval Office like this, or the fact that they are arrogant enough to upload it on the White House website — and remember this, and this!


13 thoughts on “From The White House Website

  1. It’s bad enough to see this Communist usurper foreigner setting in “our” chair but just look at the group of ignorant leaches hanging on his every word.
    Wake Up America!
    These people are not like us!

  2. these clowns are all about Population controls . thats why they want to control the health care , and the cap and trade is an extension of more cotrols over resources the very quality of life giving means that have been whats extended life longer through the use of technology advancements in the use of resources . United Nations Agenda 21

    fits into the plan of the population reduction

    Population control called key to deal , I think this is why we saw the health care bill target elderly folks with restrictions on treatment with Medicare cuts .

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