Danger: State Run Media

America is in the middle of a journalism crisis. The liberal left that began to educate and teach at our colleges have not taught people how to be reporters, journalists, or even newscasters, they have been taught to be cheerleaders for the far left of America. It is time for them to receive a wake up call from Americans. It is time facts were presented, not opinion, during the alleged news.

tyrantB. Hussein Obama didn’t create the State Run Media, it was created a long time ago, on college classes throughout America. Olberman, Matthews, Couric, Stephanopolus, Maddow and the rest are just the latest batch of cheerleaders for the left. Walter Cronkite, during the Vietnam War was a first class cheerleader for the left, the communists and anyone who even appeared like they posed a threat to America. But, the latest batch of people, who consider themselves reporters, journalists and broadcasters, lack the guts, courage, instinct and integrity, but mostly integrity, to tell the truth and let the people make up their own minds. It is as if the left were trying to limit what we see and hear, so we couldn’t put the big picture together……no…..couldn’t be.

mediaIt is time for us to act like a free people and demand that we be given the news in a concise, factual, accurate manner, without opinion, or intention to deceive, mislead, or herd us into socialism and an eventual Islamic Caliphate, as directed by the Muslim Brotherhood. It is time for us to demand that the media stop being politically correct, for it is getting people killed. Let the truth be told and if those who do not like the truth become agitated or violent (can you say “Islam”…….I knew you could) then it isn’t the questions that concern them, but the answers they found. Lets face it, in a society where you eat with your right hand because you wipe your ass with your left and you will not eat pork because it is a filthy animal, maybe, just maybe, the bi-polar prophet was wrong and it is time to join the civilized world. The Muslim President of the united States of America must step up and begin to accept his faults. He does not need the media to cheerlead for him, this is America, not American Idol.

America, it is time to wake up and stop feeding the beast that is the State Run Media. It is time to stop watching inaccurate news. It is time to stop tuning into misleading news. It is time to write the networks, the local TV stations, the radio stations and flood them with complaints about what they are doing. Send them emails. Flood them with faxes. Do not watch and do not buy from their advertisers. Go to your local stations and demand answers. Protest. Picket. Use the tactics of the left and file FCC complaints for their unhinged and unbalanced, opinion focused news. The individual anchors who tell these lies and state the untruths must also be held accountable. Go to http://www.fbi.gov and file a criminal complaint online against the anchors for sedition, each and every time they utter something Un-American, counter to our troops, lie, mislead and generally provide aid and comfort to our enemy during their newscasts. Note the date, time, offender, channel in your area and network. If enough of us do this, it will cause the same type of Cloward-Piven crash of the system that the libs are trying to do to America. We have an election looming on the horizon and it is imperative that we make these traitors speak the truth on the news. The State Run Media will do all they can to push B. Hussein Obama’s Marxist agenda as we move towards the elections. They attacked Bush for eight years, no, make that nine years, because they are still helping the man-child blame Bush for the failures of the Obama administration. They are dangerous and tailor the news to fit their agenda. Will you stop them?


3 thoughts on “Danger: State Run Media

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