Say It Loud — I’m Conservative, and I’m Proud!

American Thinker

By Lloyd Marcus

In 1968, James Brown released his song, “Say It Loud — I’m Black and I’m Proud.” The cruelest and saddest effect of slavery and racism in America is that it caused us blacks to hate ourselves. When I was a kid, I picked up an unspoken vibe from my fellow blacks that light-skinned blacks were better than us of a darker completion. “Good hair” meant similar to white. One summer afternoon, my mom yelled, “You kids get in the house! You’re gettin’ too black out there in that sun!” I remember thinking, What is wrong with getting darker? This mindset is why Brown’s black pride anthem was so important and empowering.

Thank God that today, black youths would consider Brown’s song absurd and laughable. Despite what civil rights dinosaurs (stuck in the past), race profiteers, and the Obama administration would have us believe, America’s race relations have come a long way, baby.
Blacks are CEOs and multimillionaires. A full-figured, dark-skinned black woman could arguably be the most influential woman in the world, and a black man resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The emergence of blacks from slavery to power confirms the God-inspired greatness of America. While the NAACP continues to sing, “We Shall Overcome,” news flash — the truth is that we have overcome!
As singer/songwriter of the “American Tea Party Anthem,” do I need to pen a silly song titled “Say It Loud – I’m Conservative and I’m Proud”? Liberals use their bully pulpits of the White House and mainstream media to misrepresent and demonize conservatism. This has made many conservatives fearful of coming out of the closet. Even George Bush felt the need to soften conservatism by putting the word “compassionate” in front of it. Such pandering to the left only contributes to the lie that conservatism is heartless and cruel. The truth is quite the opposite. Liberalism is arrogant, demeaning, and harmful. True compassion is expressed through conservatism.
And yet, far too often, we conservatives allow ourselves to be put on the defensive for telling the truth and offering our commonsense solutions. We allow the left to dictate the rules and what we can and cannot say. They even determine what is or is not racist. It was recently reported that liberal democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid described then-Senator Barack Obama as “light-skinned” and “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”
Apparently Democrats Reid and V.P. Joe Biden, who made a similar racial comment, agree with L.A. Times reporter David Ehrenstein. Ehrenstein, a black man, called Obama “a Magic Negro” in an article. Conservative Rush Limbaugh was called a racist for simply mentioning the L.A. Times story.
Here is the blatant double-standard. Jackson, Sharpton, the NAACP, Democrats, and the mainstream media would have a cow had a conservative made the same comments as Reid. After they publicly flogged the racist conservative Republican SOB, they would demand his resignation. Reid apologized, and his liberal buddies ask us to forgive him. I mean after all, isn’t that what Jesus would do? Don’t you just love it when libs, whose mission is to ban God from the public square, refer to Jesus?
Taking back America requires that we stop being intimidated. We must boldly stand up for what is right, commonsense, and truly compassionate. For example, speaking English is unquestionably crucial to moving forward economically in America. Frustratingly, conservatives who encourage all Americans to speak English are attacked by the left as racist. Shake it off and keep telling and standing up for the truth.
The Tea Party Movement has been a coming-out party for conservatives, a kind of Proclamation of Liberation. We are standing up and saying “no” to political correctness and liberal tyranny. Still, like battered wives, some conservatives are shy about espousing the virtues of conservatism. They cannot bear the pain of being branded with the “R” for racist on their forehead for opposing any Obama agenda item. Nor can they handle being called heartless and cruel for opposing Obama’s redistribution of wealth via government-run health care.
On March 27, I will be on the road again with national Tea Party Express Tour III ( I performed as a singer and speaker on tours I and II. Perhaps I should take a cue from James Brown and write a song to perform — one that will empower my timid conservative brothers and sisters who have been beaten down by liberal abuse and tyranny. “Say It Loud — I’m Conservative and I’m Proud!”
Now if I can just master a few of those dazzling James Brown dance moves. I can imagine the live report of my spectacular tea party performance: “Reminiscent of the late godfather of soul, amazingly, Lloyd does a spin and a split; the crowd goes wild! Oh my gosh, somebody call 9-1-1!” On second thought, I think I’ll stick to just singing and speaking.
Lloyd Marcus, (black) Unhyphenated American, singer/songwriter, entertainer, author, artist, and Tea Party patriot.

Major Hasan and the Ideological Blinders

American Thinker

By Walid Phares

Major Nidal Hasan was not flagged because Washington has disarmed its own analysts with ideological blinders. The Pentagon’s review of the act of terrorism committed at Fort Hood deserves national attention regarding not only its important conclusions, but also what it missed in terms of analysis.

Jihadi Penetration: Part of a War
As announced by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, the report “reveals serious ‘shortcomings’ in the military’s ability to stop foreign extremists from trying to use America’s own soldiers against the United States.” The Pentagon’s review of the Fort Hood massacre stated that “serious shortcomings” were found in “the military’s ability to stop foreign extremists from trying to use its own soldiers against the United States.” The first question that comes to mind is whether the issue is about “shortcomings,” as described by the Pentagon, or about “systemic failures,” as announced by President Obama in his evaluation of the Christmas Day terror act. For as underlined by the Department of Defense in the case of Major Hasan, these failures were about the military’s ability to “stop foreign terrorists from using American soldiers against the United States.”

Such a statement is extremely important, as it finally informs the public that the U.S. personnel roster is indeed being infiltrated and recruited by foreign jihadists, who are described politically by the administration as “extremists.” Hence, the first logical conclusion from that finding is that jihadi networks are performing acts of war (and thus of terrorism) against U.S. defense assets and personnel in the homeland. This warrants the reevaluation of the conflict and a re-upgrading of it to a state of war, even though it would still need to be determined “with whom.”
Secretary Gates said that “military supervisors are not properly focused on the threat posed by self-radicalization and need to better understand the behavioral warning signs.” He added that “extremists are changing their tactics in an attempt to hit the United States.” He then concluded that the Fort Hood massacre “reveals shortcomings in the way the department is prepared to defend against threats posed by external influences operating on members of our military community. … We have not done enough to adapt to the evolving domestic internal security threat to American troops and military facilities.”
The bottom line of the Department of Defense report is, as I relentlessly argued before and since Hasan’s shootings, that the U.S. military and intelligence lack the capability of detecting radicalization, should it be “self”-developed or activated from overseas. American analysts are not able to “detect” radicalization from where it is generated. In my last three books and dozens of briefings and testimonies to legislative and executive forums, I underlined the crucial importance of identifying the ideology behind radicalization. The latter is produced by a set of ideas assembled in a doctrinal package.

Unfortunately, the Bush and Obama administrations were both poorly advised by their experts. They were told, wrongly, that if they try to identify a “doctrine,” then they will be meddling with a religion. Academic and cultural advisers of the various U.S. agencies and offices (the majority of them, at least) failed their government by triggering a fear of theological entanglement. To the surprise of our Arab and Muslim allies in the region, who know how to detect the jihadist narrative, Washington disarmed its own analysts when bureaucrats of the last two years banned references to the very ideological indicators that could enable our analysts to detect the radicalization threat.

And it is not about “extreme religious views” as much as it is about an ideology. If Arabs and Muslims can identify it in the Middle East, why can’t Americans also? It is simply because jihadi propaganda has already penetrated our advising body and fooled many of our decision-makers into dropping the ideological parameters.

Hence, stunningly, Major Hasan, who fully displayed the narrative of jihadism, was not spotted as a jihadist. The report tried to blame his colleagues and other superiors for failing to find him “suspicious enough” and thus for causing a shortcoming. I disagree: What allowed Hasan to move undetected was a bureaucratic memo issued under both administrations, and made into policy last summer, ordering the members of the public service not to look at ideology or refer to words that can detect it. We did it to ourselves.

The Strategic Threat Ahead
The report raises “serious questions” about whether the military is prepared for similar attacks, particularly “multiple, simultaneous incidents.” In my book, Future Jihad: Terrorist Strategies against America, published half a decade ago, I sternly warned about the strategic determination of jihadists, al-Qaeda and beyond, to target the U.S. homeland — not just in terms of terrorizing the public, but in the framework of a chain of strikes widening gradually until it would evolve to coordinated, simultaneous attacks. In 2006-2007, I served on the then Task Force on Future Terrorism of the Department of Homeland Security and developed an analysis clearly showing the path to come. My briefings to several entities and agencies in the defense sector clearly argued that implanting, growing, and triggering homegrown jihadists to strike at U.S. national security is at the heart of the enemy’s strategy. I even projected the existence of a “war room” that directs these operations; Imam al-Awlaki’s example of multiple operatives’ coordination is only a small fragment of what it would be like.

In facing this mushrooming threat, not only do we lack a detection capacity to counter it, but we have been induced in error to adopt policies opposite to those suitable to our national defense. The misleading advice that the U.S. government relied on is deeply responsible for the failure to stop and counter radicalization. The report, although a step in the right direction, has troubling shortcomings:
A. It claims that “fixation on religion” is a missing indicator. This means that if Muslims insist on praying or Catholics refrain from eating meat on Fridays during Lent, this could be a lead to radicalization. Obviously, it is a dead end, for the indicator is the substance of the fixation, not the mere fact of religiosity. One statement of commitment to jihad is by far more important than fasting during the whole month of Ramadan. It is not theology but ideology, even though many writers in town insist on merging both based on their readings of text. I offer our government an easier way to detect the threat without venturing into unnavigable religious debates or unnecessarily apologizing for one or another particular faith.
B. The report describes Hasan as “an odd duck and a loner who was passed along from office to office and job to job despite professional failings that included missed or failed exams and physical fitness requirements.” Nice shot, but it leads nowhere, for the other potential Hasans amongst us aren’t all necessarily odd, failed students, and physically unfit. The next jihadists could be sharp, professional, and extremely social. It all depends on what the “War Room” is going to surprise us with. Medical doctors in Britain, rich young men from Nigeria, or converted farmers from North Carolina aren’t all in one profile basket. So let’s stop looking for framing “profiles” and start detecting ideology.
C. The report calls on the Defense Department “to fully staff those teams of investigators, analysts, linguists and others so the Pentagon can quickly see information collected across government agencies about potential links between troops and terrorist or extremist groups.” This is a long-awaited initiative, short of creating further catastrophes by staffing our bureaucracies with more cultural advisers who would further mislead our leaders and worsen the fledgling counter-ideology sectors already in place. I am making the bold statement that our problem is precisely that the expertise we sought over the past eight years is the reason for our inability to detect radicalization. Hence I would recommend an additional inquiry into our own specialization body before we re-contract it to lead the war of ideas.
The beef is there. Everything else is dressing

America vs. MSM is a slam-dunk victory for America


The Post & E-Mail

News Analysis by Joan Swirsky

That’s right, and it wasn’t only Katie Couric. For the past two years, when Obama was in campaign mode and after his ACORN- and foreign-money-fueled election, the entire leftwing media debased what once passed for legitimate journalism.  With absolute consistency, they:

  • Failed utterly to vet an inexperienced, document-concealing candidate (we still haven’t seen Obama’s Illinois law license or an authentic birth certificate).
  • Failed to investigate the veracity of aggrandizing information spewed by Obama’s spin doctors and then repeated their spin (they still say, for instance, that he was a law professor, which he never was).
  • Failed to conceal their stunning lack of objectivity through the softball questions they asked and, as Bernard Goldberg says, their “slobbering” obsequiousness.
  • Failed to distance themselves from the leftwing radicals who see racism where none exists – and even echoed their paranoia!
  • Failed to camouflage their personal biases both for Obama and against any of his critics or political opponents and competitors.
  • Failed to correct his virtual avalanche of lies, which John Ellis has catalogued in scandalous and chilling detail, saying that “the accumulated weight of Obama’s deceit is overwhelming…as a result, this nation is now in a position where it cannot believe a word that he says, and that amounts to an unprecedented crisis of confidence in the Presidency.”


The 9/12 Tea Party in Washington D.C., should have shown the MSM that main street America was aware of their agenda.

As UK columnist and commentator Gerald Warner asks: “Why is it that the true view of Resident Barack Obama (you know, the illegal alien living over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington) is openly expressed in the major media around the world, but nary a word of it is printed in any of the newspapers in the United States? Increasingly, the red god of Islamic communism in the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, is becoming more immune from scrutiny from the media out of fear of the race word. Whenever he is criticized for his un-American actions, his communist actions, or the out-and-out theft of the wealth of the American people, those who criticize him are accused of being racist. That’s a First Amendment travesty.”

That travesty is because most in the American media are liberals, including a majority of writers and TV and radio people who are not well-paid but still thrilled to be working in the field.  Overwhelmingly they take their marching orders from their bosses. Which leads to the obvious question: Why are so many media moguls liberals – you know, the people who flourish in this competitive world, thrive on free-market capitalism, and like their taxes low and their government non-intrusive.  Perhaps it’s the megalomania that often comes with being a head honcho. Call it the oligarch mentality, liking the notion of the few at the top calling the shots for the many beneath them.

Or maybe it’s the oh-too-cozy relationship between news and entertainment, the latter traditionally steeped in bleeding-heart causes and “feelings” and the former both eager and happy to be included in their lavish self-congratulatory affairs, the latest of which – the Screen Actors Guild Awards – led the “news” and featured Hollywood liberals dripping with bling while thousands of Haitians lay buried or dead beneath tons of rubble.

It is this same media that foisted Obama onto the national stage by failing to do their jobs professionally and with integrity. Like a collective of Dr. Frankensteins, they created their own monster. It is relevant to mention here that after nearly 3,000 innocent Americans were murdered by Islamic terrorists on September 11, 2001, one of Obama’s closest friends and colleagues, Rev. Jeremiah Wright – whom the media significantly chose not to expose for his rank anti-American, anti-white, and anti-Semitic ravings – whipped his congregation into a joyful frenzy when he said that the chickens (of revenge) had come home to roost (on American imperialism). Translation: Big bad America got what she deserved!

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OVERWHELMING Lies To America By Obama

The accumulated weight of Obama’s deceit is overwhelming…

* During his campaign for the presidency and since, Obama repeatedly assured us that he would protect Medicare against cuts; but he now presses for passage of bills that include savage cuts in Medicare.

* To obtain passage of his first stimulus bill, Obama assured us that 90% of the jobs created would be in the private sector; but as he well knew, most of them were to be in the p! ublic sector.

* Early in the health care debate, Obama assured us that he had not said that he favored a single payer system; but he was on record as having said exactly that.

* Obama gave primary voters a firm assurance that if he became the nominee of the Democratic party he would (unlike Hillary Clinton) abide by the campaign finance limits of public funding; but as soon as he became the party’s nominee, he reneged on that pledge.

* During the presidential campaign Obama criticized the presence of former lobbyists in the Bush administration and solemnly assured us that he would appoint no lobbyists to his administration; but once elected he proceeded to appoint even more lobbyists than his predecessors.

* Obama criticized the size of George Bush’s deficit and promised to stop deficit spending if elected; but he has already quadrupled the size of the deficit he objected to and recklessly continues new federal spending in the trillions.

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Danger: State Run Media

America is in the middle of a journalism crisis. The liberal left that began to educate and teach at our colleges have not taught people how to be reporters, journalists, or even newscasters, they have been taught to be cheerleaders for the far left of America. It is time for them to receive a wake up call from Americans. It is time facts were presented, not opinion, during the alleged news.

tyrantB. Hussein Obama didn’t create the State Run Media, it was created a long time ago, on college classes throughout America. Olberman, Matthews, Couric, Stephanopolus, Maddow and the rest are just the latest batch of cheerleaders for the left. Walter Cronkite, during the Vietnam War was a first class cheerleader for the left, the communists and anyone who even appeared like they posed a threat to America. But, the latest batch of people, who consider themselves reporters, journalists and broadcasters, lack the guts, courage, instinct and integrity, but mostly integrity, to tell the truth and let the people make up their own minds. It is as if the left were trying to limit what we see and hear, so we couldn’t put the big picture together……no…..couldn’t be.

mediaIt is time for us to act like a free people and demand that we be given the news in a concise, factual, accurate manner, without opinion, or intention to deceive, mislead, or herd us into socialism and an eventual Islamic Caliphate, as directed by the Muslim Brotherhood. It is time for us to demand that the media stop being politically correct, for it is getting people killed. Let the truth be told and if those who do not like the truth become agitated or violent (can you say “Islam”…….I knew you could) then it isn’t the questions that concern them, but the answers they found. Lets face it, in a society where you eat with your right hand because you wipe your ass with your left and you will not eat pork because it is a filthy animal, maybe, just maybe, the bi-polar prophet was wrong and it is time to join the civilized world. The Muslim President of the united States of America must step up and begin to accept his faults. He does not need the media to cheerlead for him, this is America, not American Idol.

America, it is time to wake up and stop feeding the beast that is the State Run Media. It is time to stop watching inaccurate news. It is time to stop tuning into misleading news. It is time to write the networks, the local TV stations, the radio stations and flood them with complaints about what they are doing. Send them emails. Flood them with faxes. Do not watch and do not buy from their advertisers. Go to your local stations and demand answers. Protest. Picket. Use the tactics of the left and file FCC complaints for their unhinged and unbalanced, opinion focused news. The individual anchors who tell these lies and state the untruths must also be held accountable. Go to and file a criminal complaint online against the anchors for sedition, each and every time they utter something Un-American, counter to our troops, lie, mislead and generally provide aid and comfort to our enemy during their newscasts. Note the date, time, offender, channel in your area and network. If enough of us do this, it will cause the same type of Cloward-Piven crash of the system that the libs are trying to do to America. We have an election looming on the horizon and it is imperative that we make these traitors speak the truth on the news. The State Run Media will do all they can to push B. Hussein Obama’s Marxist agenda as we move towards the elections. They attacked Bush for eight years, no, make that nine years, because they are still helping the man-child blame Bush for the failures of the Obama administration. They are dangerous and tailor the news to fit their agenda. Will you stop them?