LETTER TO EDITOR: Supreme Court accountablity

Washington Times

I stand amazed at what I am witnessing in our constitutional republic. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the Constitution the rule of law in this nation? Don’t Supreme Court judges take oaths promising to protect and uphold that Constitution from foreign and domestic enemies? If our laws are derived from this text, then what is it called when those laws are ignored? It is called, “breaking the law.”

Our Constitution lays down the eligibility requirements for presidents. One requirement states that the president of the United States must be a natural-born citizen. Now, any reasonable thinking person knows citizenship is proven by one’s birth certificate.

President-elect Barack Obama‘s presentation of a Certification of Live Birth certified that he was born alive but not that he was born in Hawaii. So we have rumors of a Kenyan birth. How do you get to the bottom of rumors? You inquire and investigate.

Our Supreme Court judges are required to uphold our law and get to the bottom of this unnecessary upheaval that Mr. Obama has hurled America into. What’s so hard about producing a real birth certificate? He is challenging our rule of law by refusing to prove his natural-born citizenship and is, therefore, undermining the foundation of our nation.

If our Supreme Court justices continue to deny “hearing” the many lawsuits that they are being presented with concerning Mr. Obama’s citizenship, then they are failing to do their jobs. The law states eligibility through natural-born citizenship is required. It is the court’s duty to get to the bottom of this and hold Mr. Obama accountable to the law.



4 thoughts on “LETTER TO EDITOR: Supreme Court accountablity

  1. Maybe after the 2010 elections some action will take place, but until Jan 2011 don’t bet on it. I got an email from Orly Taitz and she has issued a Writ of Quo Warranto to move her case and has sent papers to Holder and others in DC without response. They are illegally ignoring them. They have no fear of any laws. That is because a tyrant is in charge.

  2. Any politician that has not stood up and shouted from the rooftops that “THE MAN SLEEPING IN OUR WHITE HOUSE IS NOT A NATURAL BORN AMERICAN CITIZEN!!!!!” should be tried for Treason and removed from office. That leaves us with Joe Wilson as VP and Nathan Deal as President. Now who wants to run for Senator and Congressman? WE have a whole lot of seats to fill!

    • We will also need to replace all the Supreme Court Judges as well as Federal Fudges. Anyone currently in office on the Federal level should be fired, arrested and tried. The government should be cut back to only the departments that are needed. No DoH, no Depart of Energy, no Sec of Education and so on. These departments have done nothing since they started.

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