Enemy at Home

Canada Free Press

By Mike Konkel  Saturday, January 9, 2010

Well Americans, it should be obvious to you all that those people in America who wish to remain a sovereign nation with opportunities to be whatever you work hard to be, are under daily assault.

The enemy identified in the whitehouse, Barack Hussein Obama, is purposefully using a shadow government, thug tactics and illegal and unconstitutional activities to bust our American Republic.

People like Glenn Beck and many, many others are finally becoming vocal and loud in their perspective of Obama and his socialist agenda but is there still time to stifle, slow and ultimately, stop this idiot?  Obama believes he has all the angles covered…he has this voter registration thing he is going to push throught that takes the job of registering voters away from the states and purports to have everyone with government dealing to be automatically registered….food stamps, welfare, college aid, yep…all registered….15 million, by now…hell they are rabbits, illegal aliens become legal with another swoosh of Comrade Obama’s quill and presto! another batch of democrats registered…..ummm, ummm, ummmm…..

I cannot even imagine there are still people out there who think that Obama is worried about the election in November this year…he will have done his best to get his pillar legislation in place before then and even after then…he will control the election.  His thugs will not control my polling station but I can only speak for one little voting place in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

By the time your congress people return to work the health care bill will be awaiting their vote….all they could have asked for will be included and they will go through whatever machinations necessary to forget the conference to merge house and senate versions and ram a vote.  Pelosi, Reid etal have been meeting with Obama to hammer out the final version and it is a done deal….

Cap & Trade is right behind that..Illegal Immigrant Legalization after that…National Voter Registration Bill after that and bingo, bango, bongo….like they say in Kenya, you are a product of the world and you piss ants might as well with Andy Stern when he says “Workers of the World Unite”…is no longer just a slogan…..
America…it is time to make damn sure your returning legislatures know which way their votes need to be in order to maintain order in the country….I know these are serious charges but these are serious times and the best anyone can do is forestall this illegal power grab by the executive branch or we will lose our Republic.

Stand idle now and you will be standing that way in breadlines later….Matthew 20:6


One thought on “Enemy at Home

  1. It’s time to FIGHT for what is >>>> R I G H T >>>>!
    Down With the Communist New World Order!
    Let those that Can – DO! & those that can’t – fail!
    Gather together those that are like you and battle the Evil Ones that try to destroy what is ours. Together we stand FREE – apart we fall and become slaves under those usurpers that cheat, lie, and steal our Republic from under our feet. These are truly Dark days for America but we can make the Sun come up again and let the light of Freedom shine once again and the winds of time will blow away their evil smoke and we can break the lying mirrors with the hammers of our truth. Gather together those true Americans you love and together we can destroy the Evil among us we all hate.
    Remember if your Senators and Congressmen were not a part of the solution and did not try to stop the Evil, they are the problem and are Evil themselves and need to be expelled from the garden of Truth and Justice and thrown into the Pit of Depravity that is called Communist Hell! Unite to fight the Evil and once again our States will be United. Stay Strong.

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