Do you Remember 1987?

This was sent to me in an e-mail today by a friend of mine. While I have read this before and have heard the actual airing of this in 1987, some of you haven’t heard this and may not even know anything about it. Well sit back and read this, it will only take a minute. However, if you are eating, you might want to stop. I don’t want you to choke on your food.


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Thought  you

might be interested in  this forgotten bit  of



was  1987! At a lecture the other day they  were
playing an old news video  of
Lt.Col. Oliver North  testifying at the Iran-Contra
hearings during  the  Reagan

There  was Ollie in front of God and country  getting
third degree, but  what he said was  stunning!
He  was being drilled by a
senator,  ‘Did you not recently spend close to
$60,000  for a home  security
Ollie  replied, ‘Yes, I did,  Sir.’
The  senator
continued, trying to get  a laugh out of the
audience, ‘Isn’t that just  a  little
‘No,  sir,’ continued  Ollie..
‘No? And  why not?’ the
senator  asked.
‘Because  the lives of my family and I  were
‘Threatened?  By whom?’ the  senator
‘By  a
terrorist, sir’ Ollie  answered.
‘Terrorist?  What terrorist could
possibly  scare you that  much?’
‘His  name is Osama bin Laden, sir’  Ollie
At  this point the senator tried to repeat the  name,
couldn’t pronounce  it, which most people back then
probably  couldn’t.  A couple
of people  laughed at the attempt.  Then the  senator
continued.  Why are you  so
afraid of this man?’ the  senator  asked.
‘Because,  sir, he is the most
evil person  alive that I know of’, Ollie  answered.

what  do you recommend we do about him?’ asked  the
‘Well,  sir,
if it was up to me, I would  recommend that an
assassin team be formed  to
eliminate him and his men from  the face of  the
The  senator
disagreed with this approach,  and that was all that
was shown of the  clip..

the  way, that senator was Al  Gore!

pilot  Mohammad Atta blew up a bus  in
in  1986. The Israelis captured, tried  and
imprisoned him.  As part of  the
Oslo agreement with the  Palestinians in 1993,
Israel had to  agree to release
so-called  ‘political  prisoners.’
However,  the Israelis would not  release
any with blood on their  hands.  The American
President at the  time, Bill Clinton,
and his  Secretary of State, Warren  Christopher,
‘insisted’ that all prisoners  be
Thus  Mohammad Atta was freed and eventually  thanked
us by
flying an  airplane into Tower One of the
Center . This was  reported
by many of the American  TV networks at the time
that the terrorists  were  first

was  censored in the
US from  all

Global Warmists’ Mouths Frozen Shut

After the climate hoaxers and extortionists quietly slunk home after their utter failure in Copenhagen, one might have expected a barrage of “the end is nigh” press releases by Al Gore and friends, explaining how the refusal of governments to kneecap their economies will lead to us all being slowly convection baked to death in a never-ending trend of man-made global warming.  

But apparently the alarmists have gone into hibernation…perhaps because world-wide record breaking cold would expose errors so great that even the “mainstream” news would have to call them out as full of (much needed) hot air.

As often seems to happen around big “global warming events”, Copenhagen was hit with extremely cold weather during the “climate conference,” including a blizzard on December 17…in a country which hasn’t had a white Christmas since 1995. In a bit of “God must have a sense of humor” irony, the cold weather followed President Obama home, dumping record snowfalls in and around Washington, D.C. two days later.


Obama’s latest homeland security fiasco

By: Byron York
Chief Political Correspondent
January 8, 2010

(AP Photo)

For a while, it seemed the nomination and confirmation of Erroll Southers to head the Transportation Security Administration would be a routine affair. Southers’ resume included time at the FBI, the California Office of Homeland Security, and the Los Angeles airport security force. Qualified nominee, quick confirmation — right?

Wrong. As the new year begins, the Southers nomination has become the latest Obama confirmation mess, raising questions not only about the nominee but the White House’s selection process. And despite Democrats’ daunting 60-vote majority, quick confirmation might not be in the cards.

The reason: a growing feeling among Republican senators that Southers misled them. The issue at hand is a 1988 incident in which Southers, then an FBI agent in California, was censured for improperly accessing a criminal database during a domestic dispute.

Southers told the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee (both panels had to vote on his nomination) about the incident in a sworn affidavit submitted in October. Southers said he was censured by the FBI because he had, 20 years ago, “asked a co-worker’s husband, who worked for the San Diego police department, to run a database check on my ex-wife’s new boyfriend.” Southers explained that he had only been separated from his wife for a very brief time and was “concerned for the safety of her and my infant son.” The search turned up an outstanding arrest warrant for the man, but Southers admitted that “it was a mistake to have used my official connections to investigate the matter.”

On Oct. 27, the commerce committee approved the Southers nomination, with just two senators — Republicans Jim DeMint and John Ensign — voting no. (They were unhappy with Southers’ refusal to take a position on whether the TSA should be unionized.) On Nov. 19, the homeland security committee approved Southers unanimously.

But something was wrong. Just before the homeland security committee vote, Sen. Susan Collins, the ranking Republican on the panel, learned that Southers’ sworn account of the FBI censure was incorrect. She asked him to give her the straight story.

On Nov. 20 — the day after the committee voted to approve him — Southers sent a letter to Collins and committee chairman Sen. Joseph Lieberman admitting the affidavit was wrong. As it turned out, he had not asked a friend to do the database search — he did it himself. And there was not just one database search — there were two. And he shared the information with others.

It was a major change in the story — one that some senators on the homeland security committee knew nothing about when they supported Southers. Says a spokesman for GOP committee member Sen. Tom Coburn, who voted for Southers: “He did not know about it on November 19, and if he had known, it would have made a difference.”

Also, remember that the commerce committee voted to approve Southers more than three weeks earlier, on Oct. 27. At that time, senators knew nothing about the new version of the story; all they had was Southers’ original account of the incident.

Now the lawmakers are figuring out what they didn’t know. Seven GOP senators — DeMint, McCain, Coburn, Charles Grassley, Pat Roberts, Sam Brownback, and Mike Johanns — have written to the White House for more information in light of Southers’ “erroneous, and possibly misleading” account. They want to know when Southers first told the White House about the FBI censure, and also when the White House first found out that the story Southers told the committees was wrong. Why wasn’t Congress told before, and not after, the committees voted?

The letter ends with a threat. “There are a number of questions,” the senators say, “that must be answered so the Senate can effectively render its Constitutional responsibility to advise and consent.” Translated, that means: We will hold this nomination up until you give us the information we want. Indeed, Sens. DeMint, McCain and Coburn have already placed holds on the nomination.

The Southers nomination has become politically supercharged amid concerns over airport security after the attempted bombing of a Northwest Airlines jet on Christmas. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has said he’ll ram the nomination through when lawmakers return to work on Jan. 20. Maybe he will. But not if a growing number of GOP senators have anything to say about it.


To Hell with Political Correctness


Wake Up! We have a president who is more concerned with selling America into economic bondage resulting in Socialism than he is in fighting the War on Terror

Canada Free Press

 By Dave Macy  Let me express what so many Americans are thinking about national security. “Get off your butts and protect America and to hell with political correctness!”

The time for coddling our enemies is over. The time of bowing and groveling and acquiescing to foreign leaders must end. The apologies made for America need to be retracted. We need strength and resolve not caution and complacency.

How far should we go? Well, how many Nidal Hassans ( Ft. Hood terrorist and murderer) are there in our own military that need to be sent packing out of this country. When within our own military is infiltrated with enemy sympathizers who have no intent of protecting and defending our constitution then it’s time for a real housecleaning. How many more trained underwear bombers will slip through airport security? How many al Qaeda operatives have walked into our country through porous borders?  Do we need a Terrorist Connect the Dots book for training purposes?

How about a simple No-Fly list: No Muslims

When our national security is so lax that airline safety becomes and oxymoron and the red flags raised are ignored by those who should be protecting us, then it’s time for a major quarantine to keep out anyone with even the hint of a tie to radical Islam. Don’t allow any more Muslim passengers from Yemen or any Arab nation harboring the enemy. That includes Americans who have left to join those who have sworn to destroy our nation. How about a simple No-Fly list: No Muslims. I for one do not believe there are any “moderate” Muslims in America. Those here are working to elect their own kind and to change our Judeo Christian based laws to reflect their own Sharia laws. At one time we rightly sought out communist sympathizers bent on espionage and terrorism—now many of them are governing us.

Wake Up! We have a president who is more concerned with selling America into economic bondage resulting in Socialism than he is in fighting the War on Terror. He’s too busy waging war on the Constitution to seriously be about the business of lifting America up. And his cohorts in the congress are a total disgrace. Greed, corruption, avarice, and self-serving politicians who meet behind closed doors and think they know what is best for us regardless of what the overwhelming majority wants—they are doing great harm from the inside out. It is not a time to simply complain about the gangrenous appendage but a time to amputate.

We can pray that God helps us through this bout with the cancer of terrorism and the festering disease of corruption in Washington. Yes pray, but get off your butt and let your voice be heard by throwing out the bold faced liars like Pelosi and Reid and yes—the Liar in Chief in charge of Hope and Change. We are getting the Change promised us during the campaign of 2008—we better Hope we can stop it!


Presenting…The Nordyke Twins Newspaper Birth Announcement –

The Betrayal

Why is this important?

To date the only pieces of “proof” that have been offered to establish/support obama’s  claim of being eligible to be  President of this United States is a, *cough*, COLB,  then mid-way thru 2008 a couple of newspaper birth announcements from the local Hawaii papers were offered up as additional “proof”.  The OBOTS went wild with joy and tingles ran simultaneously up AND down their legs.

Thing is that since then, until now…this minute… the Nordyke twins, born hours after obama, had no newspaper announcements of their own.

Investigators had “looked through” all of the editions and found no Nordyke twins mentioned.

A bit ago I posted this:

From a Citizen investigator:

Dec 28,2009

“The mystery of the missing Nordyke birth announcement is apparently solved. I just got a notice from interlibrary loan that the Hawaii State librarian found their announcement in the Aug 16, 1961 Honolulu Advertiser. She’s making me a copy.”

ED. I’ve been bouncing about the internet looking for confirmation that this info has already been released and is widely know.

The ONLY reference that I found was by one obot that very recently posted a comment on a blog about the topic  that “maybe it was in the following weeks announcements”.

Anyone out there have anything on this to offer??  Please leave in comments.

The question that I have is this:  Since this announcement has (many times) been a topic of discussion because obamas was in the paper and the Nordyke twins was mysteriously NOT there-why has it taken better than a year for anyone to suggest that the next edition of the papers be examined for the announcement?   Come on.  I have seen numerous mention that the archives for several weeks before and after the obama announcements appeared were scrutinized – but that the twins were not listed.   Really funny thing is that now NO account of the investigations into the newspaper archives appears on any of the search engines.  But the mysterious Nordyke twins announcements suddenly turn up?   Only one reference, that in WND, and only in passing-no detail.  So.  Whats the real deal folks?

Found this little comment on an old thread,  thought provoking.

“Who would have really done the remembering is MR. Nordyke and Obama, Sr. That’s what men did back then, mill around in the halls and waiting rooms. They only entered the birth room when a nurse or relative dragged them in.

Twins are a big deal: everybody shows up to witness. There should have been a lot of flashbulbs on the nursery over Aug 5-9.

Back then, you and the baby were hospitalized for a solid week.”


The twins are on the bottom, on the left. Check out additional related stuff on the page to the right titled “Thing That Makes You Go Humm”

~ by ladysforest on January 7, 2010.


Obama’s ‘Shocking’ Security Report: Officials Knew Extremist on Plane Heading to Detroit


By: David A. Patten

The Obama administration is warning that the nation will react with “a certain shock” when the president releases a report Thursday afternoon detailing the snafus and blunders that led to the near-bombing of a Detroit-bound Northwest Airlines flight on Christmas Day.

National security adviser James Jones told USA Today that “The man on the street … will be surprised that these correlations weren’t made.”

Administration officials initially had tried to downplay the incident. But in the past week, a litany of errors emerged that enabled a 23-year-old Nigerian with known terrorist inclinations, who paid for his ticket with cash and checked no luggage on an international flight, and who had an explosive device hidden in his underwear.

Jones said the president “is legitimately and correctly alarmed” that authorities failed to act on the available information that should have signaled a potential threat.

The president is scheduled to address the matter at 3 p.m.Thursday Eastern. But even as he prepared his remarks, new details of the incident were leaking out.

Early Thursday, the Department of Homeland Security disclosed that would-be bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s potential ties to terrorism were discovered on Christmas Day — as Northwest Flight 253 was en route to the United States.

The department said a routine check flagged Abdulmutallab’s possible extremist connections while the plane was in the air. Officials determined that they would intercept him after the flight landed, and subject him to additional screening.

There is no indication, however, that U.S. officials attempted to alert the crew of Flight 253 that a potential security risk was abroad the aircraft.
New information emerged late Wednesday that suggests the threat of al Qaida-linked suicide bombers may be greater than initially recognized.

According to ABC News, various intelligence reports suggest there could be “more than a dozen other young men trained for suicide missions against U.S. aircraft.”

Alarm over the possibility of a wave of airborne suicide bombers would explain the unusual reaction Wednesday of law enforcement officials who told ABC that the administration is facing a “race against time.”

Since the president’s Tuesday speech promising an increase in the number of sky marshals aboard U.S. commercial flights, the Department of Homeland Security has issued internal notices to its employees that it is looking for “volunteers” to undergo rapid training for overseas sky marshal and embassy-protection positions. According to CNN, the notices advised that some jobs would be in high-risk regions of the globe.

In what appears to be a surge to get air marshals into the skies, the Department is especially interested in internal applicants who already work as agents for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division. Those agents have already undergone training that would give them a head start to fill air-marshal posts, sources say.

Heritage Foundation Homeland Security expert Jena McNeill tells Newsmax that the United States is able to neutralize a multiple-attacker scenario, but only if the correct procedures are followed.

“With the right type of information sharing and intelligence gathering in place, as well as robust partnerships with our international friends, we can do this,” McNeill tells Newsmax. “In 2006 [in] the liquid explosives plot, with help from our U.K. friends, [they] helped us bring down a plot to take down 10 airplanes at once. Twenty four suspects [were] arrested. It isn’t a matter of the number of people, it is a matter of us making sure that the right information gets into the right hands.”