Just A Liar And Not A Leader

The Obama Files

Rob Binsrick says that during one of Barack Obama’s speech to a joint session of Congress last year, he was met at one point with an emphatic outburst of “You lie!” by Congressman Joe Wilson.  At the time Wilson’s outburst was deemed to be disrespectful, demeaning, unprofessional and/or even just stupid.  In retrospect though, Wilson should be commended for pointing out what is the absolute truth about Obama, which is that he is indeed a liar.

When Bill Clinton was serving as president, it became very evident that he was a pathological liar.  However, Clinton’s lies were more of a personal nature which for the most part only affected himself.  On the other hand, Obama’s lies will affect hundreds of millions of Americans for generations to come.

As a prime example of Obama’s pathological lying, there is perhaps none more glaring than his reversal about holding healthcare hearings in the public eye, which he often noted would be broadcasted on C-SPAN.  He made these vows eight times during the presidential campaign (video at link).

Now though, Congressional leaders have decided that they are not even going to follow the normal protocol of reconciling the House and Senate versions of their respective healthcare bills through the use of bi-partisan conference committees.  Instead, they are going to hold closed-door meetings which will involve only Democrat leaders from both houses of Congress and representatives from the Obama administration.  Republicans will essentially be completely shut out of the process.

Obama, for his part, rather than asking the Congressional leaders to help him keep his campaign promises is instead fully supporting their plans and even asking them to speed up the process as much as possible.  The main reason for the urgency is so Obama can speak about the legislation during his state of the union address in February.

Yes, that is correct, the reason for the urgency is not because the bill is so good for and/or so needed by the American people that it needs to be passed as quickly as possible.  Instead, the reason for the urgency by the Democrats is simply so Obama has a talking point in his speech.

Obama has talked about how proud he is of the Democrats in Congress for passing their healthcare bills and talked about how it was a victory for all Americans.  Then why are they so afraid of letting the American people see the process?  If this legislation is supposedly so good, then the Democrats should be lauding it daily in the public eye and it should be the cornerstone of their election campaigns in 2010.  Instead though, they are doing all that they can to hide the bill and to hide their actions from the public eye

The reasons for that are obvious.  First and most importantly, it is not a good bill.  The majority of the American people do not support it.  It will inevitably add to the deficit regardless of how many accounting gimmicks the Democrats use to hide that fact.  And the quality of health care will go down if this bill passes.

Second, the Democrats do not want the American to see for themselves the back-room deals and sweetheart packages that they have to include in the bill to get their own party members to vote for it.  And once again, if the bill is supposedly so good then why would those bribes and incentives be needed anyway?

Third, the Democrats and Obama do not want the American people to see just how partisan they have become by locking out the Republicans and even the more moderate Democrats from the process.  Obama once stated that if Iran would offer an open hand to him then he would meet with them.  However, he will not even do that with fellow Americans who disagree with him.  That is not leadership but is instead a clear sign of cowardice.  It is tantamount to the playground crybaby who takes his ball and goes home whenever he does not get his way.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, in discussing this healthcare reform process, actually stated that “There has never been a more open process” in passing the legislation.  Even if that comment had been intended as a joke it would have still raised eyebrows.  The fact that she was actually being serious when she said it should concern every American because it shows how Pelosi and her cohorts define openness.

The real problem here though is still Obama.  He could have acted like a president at some point and made the process more open and more bi-partisan.  However, he instead turned it over to the highly partisan Democrats in Congress and has now joined in with them in their orgy of spending and government intervention.  When the American people heard Obama’s bold statements on the campaign they voted for him to be a new bold leader.  But instead of a leader all they got is a bold-faced liar.


2 thoughts on “Just A Liar And Not A Leader

  1. Obama is a liar? Are you sure?

  2. Yup, I went to my little 8-Ball. Hey it’s just as good as Fact Check or Wikipedia when it comes to the truth.

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