What Did Obama Do In Hawaii?

The Obama Files
KHON2 is reporting that Obama and his family spent 11 days, 10 nights on Oahu, and now they’re packing up for their return flight home to the winter weather of Washington, D.C.

Obama is spending his final hours on Oahu soaking up the sun outdoors, freeing his mind of ugly thoughts of jihadists, and taking motorcades to the beach, and racketeering at the Racquet Club.

Scott Miscovich has seen it all, living on the same street as what has been coined the First Family’s Winter White House.  Misovich said, “Been interesting, we’ve had protestors, a lot of people coming just to observe” — not to mention the number of U.S. Secret Service, police and Coast Guard crews that have staked claim to his neighborhood.

And it’s been hard for him not to notice each time Obama passes by.  “He left a lot, sometimes three times a day or more,” said Miscovich.

On his final day in Hawaii, Obama didn’t deviate from his morning routine, hitting the gym at Marine Corps Base Hawaii for a quick workout.  After that it was off to the greens for a round of golf at Kaneohe’s Klipper Course.

“He’s doing things I think my kids or if I went away would come back I’d want to do also,” said Miscovich, like exploring Sea Life Park, watching the movie “Avatar,” a date night dinner and of course, shaved ice.

“He did yeah they were out and about a lot, I heard Island Snow and so they were out quite a bit,” said Kailua resident Kyla Murray.

Obama, out and about — three times a day — that’s a lot of CO

Still, day after day, many folks flocked to Kailua beach, hoping they’d see the Obama’s up close.  “Yeah we even came down here a few times with the camera trying to see if we could catch a glimpse,” said Murray.

$4,000 a day for the rental, and $4,000,000 a day for the ancillaries.  It’s good to be the Obamamessiah.

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