“Isolated Extremist”

The Obama File

Dec. 30, 2009

Obama’s knee-jerk reaction to al Qaeda’s attempted Christmas Day bombing of Northwest Airlines Flight 253 was to minimize the threat — again.  Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano declared that the attempted bombing was not connected to a larger terrorist plot.  Business as usual, nothing to see here, move along, happy holidays.

Not quite.

Obama’s reference to the “alleged” Crotch-Bomber as an “isolated extremist,” and Napolitano saying there was “no indication” that the attack was “part of anything larger,” seems to be Obama’s default setting when faced with terrorism.  He said as much about the Nov. 5 Fort Hood massacre, even though the FBI had previously monitored communications between shooter Nidal Hasan and Anwar al-Awlaki, the radical imam and al Qaeda commander born in New Mexico and believed to be in Yemen.

The Crotch-Bomber also reportedly is one of al-Awlaki’s followers and said he was one of many bombers trained by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula who will seek to attack the United States.  Other evidence pointing to a larger plot includes a report that the Crotch-Bomber had an accomplice in Amsterdam, the sophistication of the bomb design, and al Qaeda’s admission that it was behind the attempt.  Note also that the Crotch-Bomber was placed on a terrorist watch list after his father reported to U.S. authorities in Nigeria that his son had fallen in with a group of dangerous radicals.

Somebody should tell Obama that the Crotch-Bomber has bragged to FBI agents that there are more young men plotting to launch attacks on the West.  The 23-year-old Nigerian has told security chiefs of a sinister network of isolated extremists in Yemen who are ready and waiting to strike.

The impulse to deny that attacks such as the Crotch-Bomber’s jihad and Fort Hood massacre are part of larger plots displays a shocking ignorance of the nature of 21st-century globally networked terrorism.  Terrorists work through highly dispersed, decentralized cell structures that are designed to be difficult to track.  Investigators probably won’t find an operations order signed by Osama bin Laden directing an attack on Flight 253, but it is easy to connect the dots.  Minimizing the threat won’t make it go away.  As recent history has shown, it may embolden the terrorists to keep trying.

So Obama pleaded, “let’s not jump to any conclusions” — lied, “the system worked” — and deflected, “lax airport procedures are based on those approved by the previous administration” — it’s Bush’s fault — what a weasel.

And yes, Janet, there is terror, there are terrorists, they are waging war on all things not Islam, and they mean to murder as many Americans as they can

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