Dithering in Paradise

Canada Free Press

by John Lillpop  Wednesday, December 30, 2009

imageIt was embarrassing enough when President Obama was unable to make a decision about the war in Afghanistan for months on end. As distressing as his dithering was to US military professionals, it must have been a source of great inspiration to our enemies on the ground in that war-on-terror ravaged nation.

Unfortunately, Obama outdid himself with his non-responsiveness to the terrorist attack attempted by Farouk Abdulmutallab on Flight 253 on Christmas Day.

For three whole days, the leader of the Free World went missing except for golfing, swimming, and indulgence in the many other temporal pleasures offered in paradise.

Heaven knows there is nothing wrong with taking a well-deserved rest in order to recharge the batteries, but Obama’s down time came at a critical moment when the American people needed to know that our Commander- in-Chief was engaged and on top of the situation.

We also deserved to know that the United States government was doing its level best to prevent murderous jackals like Abdulmutallab from inflicting any more damage on the abused metropolis of Detroit.

Somehow Janet Napolitano’s mindless declaration that the “system worked” did not provide much comfort to a nation growing increasingly wary about the judgment and leadership of our president.

Harkening back to the days of 9-11, Americans expected to see our president with megaphone in hand, shouting “Let’s roll!” or some other banality designed to calm jittery nerves on the second most important holiday in the Christian faith.

Instead of being a war-ready Commander-in-Chief, Obama became poster boy for the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce and the tourist industry.

Can Barack Hussein Obama be trusted with the nuclear codes?

Leis, not bullets! Talk over shock and awe.

Obama’s latest failure forces a serious question that must be answered quickly.

Namely, can Barack Hussein Obama be trusted with the nuclear codes needed to defend 350 million Americans?

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