Muslim terrorist attempts to detonate explosive aboard Detroit bound plane

Canada Free Press

By Doug Hagmann  Friday, December 25, 2009

An Islamic terrorist reportedly of Nigerian origin attempted to detonate a crude explosive device aboard Delta-Northwest Airlines Flight 253, flying from Amsterdam to Detroit as the plane was beginning to land at Detroit Metropolitan Airport.  According to a law enforcement source close to the Northeast Intelligence Network who spoke to this investigator approximately 45 minutes after the man was taken into custody, the man who attempted to blow up the plane over U.S. soil is on numerous “watch lists and a no-fly list” and is known to have al Qaeda connections and contacts in the U.S. and abroad.

According to our law enforcement source, the Airbus 330 was carrying 238 passengers and was in final preparations for landing at Detroit Metro at approximately 11:30 am local time.  “As the passengers were being prepared for final approach, the suspect successfully lit a small, crudely fashioned powder-filled device. It is believed that the device malfunctioned, although there was a relatively small popping noise heard throughout the cabin that amounted to what some described as a firecracker,” stated this source.  “Almost immediately, passengers near the suspect physically subdued him, and were assisted by two members of the flight crew,” the source added.


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