Obama And His Appointees Dismantling US

By HERB DENENBERG, For The Bulletin
December 20, 2009

President Barack Hussein Obama is proceeding to destroy America and has opened up a six-front war to do so:1. He has a Democratic controlled Congress that is willing to rubber-stamp his wildest schemes, without even reading them…as we’ve already seen. The Democratic Party is now aiding and abetting the demeaning and destruction of America and has become the voice of leftist extremism. The moderates have disappeared or been transformed, issuing only occasional squeaking and whining before following the liberal party line drawn by Mr. Obama. Where have all the Democratic moderates gone?2. Mr. Obama has immense executive authority, which he has already used to damage the country. One notable example is his decision to try terrorists in New York City, thereby giving the terrorists the premier platform to broadcast their propaganda and recruit Islamic radicals to their cause. Another example is cap and trade by fiat of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), rather than Congressional action.3. He is filling the White House, the executive branch and the court system with an army of radicals, socialists, Communists, Marxists, Maoists, and America-haters. The most outrageous example was Van Jones, the avowed Communist and believer that 9/11 was an American plot fashioned by President George W. Bush. Van Jones wasn’t too much of an extremist for the White House; in fact, he was loved and respected as a key White House adviser, Valerie Jarrett publicly proclaimed at the time of his appointment. But, he was too extreme even for the mainstream media to cover-up and swallow. But, don’t kid yourself – extremists like that are the rule, not the exception in Mr. Obama’s world.

4. He stands ready to commit the U.S. to radical international treaties that will bleed away American sovereignty and commit the nation to destructive policies. Watch what happens in Copenhagen, and watch the directions of Mr. Obama in matters of international laws and treaties. He has made it obvious he is more interested in pleasing the international community than in protecting the citizens of America. Couple that with his penchant for bootlicking our enemies, apologizing for America, and kicking around and betraying our allies and you have a prescription for international disaster. Note the betrayal of Poland and Czechoslovakia by his withdrawal of missile defense from those two important allies. He did so to appease Russia, again bootlicking enemies while betraying allies.5. Mr. Obama seems ready to do anything to achieve his ends, a la the formula of Saul Alinsky and his book Rules for Radicals. Alinsky believed the ends justify the means, and that means anything goes. Mr. Obama has demonstrated he is willing to lie, use fascist-style tactics to silent critics, and do what it takes to achieve his agenda. He has even expressed his disdain for the U.S. Constitution in his now infamous quote that civil rights litigation and adjudication went off track because it did not focus on redistribution. His comments, record, and policies show he believes in redistribution of wealth, and views capitalism, free markets and profit as all part of a tainted system that is unjust. One of his major priorities is “spreading the wealth around,” as he admitted to Joe the Plumber.6. Finally, the mainstream media is sanitizing and covering up Mr. Obama’s worst excesses, as we’ve witnessed with major stories   either ignored or almost totally neglected. In recent months, the dishonest, fraudulent, and biased mainstream media virtually ignored Climategate, one of the great scientific scandals of history; the Acorn undercover scandal; and the Van Jones appointment, as well as a long list of other far-out radicals. The mainstream media has become an adjunct of the Obama plan to destroy America, as we know it. This column will focus on the wild leftist radicals that he is packing into the federal agencies and the unconstitutional czars he is filling up the White House with. I question, when America elects a president who spends over 20 years hanging around with terrorists, racists, bigots, anti-Semites, Communists, Marxists, and socialists, what kind of appointments do you think he’ll be making? And, when he packs the White House with such crazies, what kind of policies do you expect to be forthcoming?For openers consider his latest appointment to the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC), the agency that adjudicates discrimination claims. Her name is Chai Feldblum, she is a professor at Georgetown University and is a most radical homosexual activist. She has advocated polygamy and has said that “sexual liberty” trumps the Constitutional right to “religious liberty.” Of course, she underwent what is called a confirmation conversation – trying unsuccessfully to lie out of previous positions. However, Bill Donohue of the Catholic League found her newfound moderation a total “farce.”She is the primary author of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) now before both houses of Congress. The bill has been described by J. Matt Barber on the Renew America Web site as follows: “ENDA would force – under penalty of law – Christian, Jewish or Muslim business owners to hire people who unrepentantly choose to engage in homosexual or cross-dressing behaviors, despite the fact that these volitional behaviors are in direct conflict with every major world religion, thousands of years of history and uncompromising human biology. … It’s a direct assault on the inalienable rights of people of faith. It pits the government directly against the free exercise of religion and is, therefore, unconstitutional on its face.” Recall, this president has announced this is not a Christian nation, contrary to American history, a history he more often deplores than proclaims. The Feldblum appointment is part of a larger effort to force the homosexual agenda on the American people, from the youngest school children on up. For the perfect example, take the safe-schools czar, Kevin Jennings. Here’s the way the Web site www.wordpress.com summarized his qualifications:· A former schoolteacher· A gay· An advocate of promoting homosexuality in schools· A former drug user· Dislikes religion· Failed to report an underage student who told him he had sex with an older man.The views of Mr. Obama’s science and technology czar, Dr. John Holdren, are also bizarre. In the 1980s, in discussing population controls, he advocated compulsory abortion and sterilization as constitutional. No proposal is too extreme for the Obama team.This radicalism pervades every corner of the White House and Mr. Obama’s appointments. Take Craig Becker, an Obama appointee to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). He was a union lawyer, who was associate general counsel of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). The SEIU is the union with close connections to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), the corrupt group of community organizers best known for voter fraud and extortion and intimidation of lenders. Mr. Becker helped lay the groundwork for the Employee Fair Choice Act (EFCA). That is the proposed law that would do away with the secret ballot in union elections and would permit federally designated bureaucrats to determine employment terms if a union and employer did not reach a prompt agreement. This act is so blatantly anti-democratic that it is even opposed by a far-left liberal, George McGovern, former U.S. Senator and Democratic Party nominee for president.Even if Congress won’t pass the EFCA, Mr. Becker believes he can get the wildly leftist Obama agenda established by rule making by the NLRB, thus eliminating the need for Congressional action. This is characteristic of the Obama administration – willing to implement the most radical measures without Congressional approval and rule by administrative diktat.And Mr. Becker will have plenty of support from other top Obama appointees in the federal bureaucracy. There is Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, who was first elected to Congress in 2000, as the union candidate. For about 10 years in Congress, she had a perfect record of support for union proposals. And, she is likely to coddle unions and persecute employers as Secretary of Labor.Secretary Solis has already announced her plan to give unions more power over employers and the economy. And, she has already started taking all controls off of union abuses. For example, her predecessor, Elaine Chao, took the responsibility of policing unions seriously. During her tenure, Ms. Chao obtained 929 convictions for corrupt union practices and recovered more than $93 million on behalf of union members (as reported in The American Spectator. The U.S. Labor Department unit that polices unions is the Office of Labor Management Standards (OLMS). Shortly after the union lapdog, Ms. Solis, took office, the Obama administration reported it was cutting OLMS’s budget by more than 9 percent. The American Spectator writes, “As a result, corrupt union bosses will have a much freer hand with which to bilk their members.”That’s just a taste of what Mr. Obama is doing to the Department of Labor to make it an instrument of unionization and the union agenda. Two other appointments to The Department of Labor are Patricia Smith and Lorelei Boylan. Both have close ties to unions and while working for the New York State Department of Labor, they were in charge of a program in which New York state partners with unions and other liberal groups to police workplaces. The American Spectator writes, “But in practice empowering ‘regular people’ actually means that the government is deputizing unions to help police workplaces.” This is just another example of how the Obama administration seeks to control every aspect of the American economy and do so to favor their political supporters, in this case the unions. Given their way, American business will be run by union bosses and union thugs.Another area where Mr. Obama seeks to impose government control is talk radio. There is Mark Lloyd, who was appointed to be associate general counsel and chief diversity officer of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). He is on record of favoring all kinds of regulation of talk radio, which would be designed to muzzle conservative talk radio. To show how extreme these Obama appointees are, consider Mr. Lloyd’s comments about the tyrant of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. Mr. Lloyd went on record in support of Mr. Chavez who, among other things, is a sworn enemy of America: “In Venezuela, with Chavez, is really an incredible revolution – a democratic revolution.” There is a deadly Orwellian flavor to Mr. Obama and his appointees – a vicious tyrant is transformed into an instrument of “democratic revolution.”The “Czars” are even more radical and even more out of control than members of the cabinet, who are subject to Senate confirmation. They can escape any Senate confirmation and, consequently, are viewed by some legal authorities as end-runs around the U.S. Constitution. Carol Browner, global warming (energy) czar, is typical. She is one of the leaders of the Socialist International and, as such, advocates “global governance” and maintains that developed nations must shrink their economy to help alleviate global warming. The czars and their threat to U.S. constitutional government are covered in detail in an article in Newsmax entitled “Czars: Never Elected. Never Confirmed. Too Powerful?”Thomas Sowell, the brilliant conservative pundit, makes an important point for those who think these radical extremists somehow got into the White House because of a failure to properly vet them. Mr. Sowell writes, “Why should we assume Obama didn’t know what such people were like; he’s been associating with these kinds of people for decades. Nothing is more consistent with his pattern than putting such people in government – people who reject American values, and resent Americans and America’s influence in the world.”Wake up America. We elected one of the most dangerous enemies of America and he now sits in the White House, filled with other enemies of America, relentlessly going about his task of destroying the country as we know it and as the Founding Fathers intended it. You better join the forces in opposition to Mr. Obama’s vision for America because if he continues unobstructed for three more years, it may then be too late to save it.It’s later than you think. Mr. Obama can kill the economy and America with his version of ObamaCare standing by itself (See The Bulletin, “ObamaCare Spells Doom for America,” Dec. 6-12, and “Wake Up Before Obama Destroys America,” Dec. 13-19). And, he seems to be firing shots with machine-gun rapidity that have the potential to destroy our economy and our country. There’s some element of truth in talk show host Michael Savage’s assertion that we now have a dictatorship. With supermajorities in both houses of Congress and with seemingly inept Republican leadership, with free use of extra-Constitutional methods, i.e. czars, there seems to be no real checks and balances that should keep an out-of-control radical runaway president in check.Even our Founders, political geniuses, still could not foresee and plan for the election to the White House of an America-hating radical, backed by supermajorities of the Democratic Party willing to follow him over the cliff to the destruction of America.

You May Be A Taliban If…

1. You refine heroin for a living, but you have a moral objection to liquor.

2. You own a $3,000 machine gun and $5,000 rocket launcher, but you can’t afford shoes.

3. You have more wives than teeth.

4. You wipe your butt with your bare hand, but consider bacon “unclean.”

5. You think vests come in two styles: bullet-proof and suicide.

6. You can’t think of anyone you haven’t declared Jihad against.

7. You consider television dangerous, but routinely carry explosives in your clothing.

8. You were amazed to discover that cell phones have uses other than setting off roadside bombs.

9. You have nothing against women and think every man should own at least four.

10. You’ve always had a crush on your neighbor’s goat.

11. Your cousin is president of the United States!

Lockerbie Bomber Had Secret Swiss Bank Account

Dec. 20, 2009

Fox News

The Lockerbie bomber had £1.8m ($2.9 million USD) in a Swiss bank account when he was convicted eight years ago, it has been revealed.

The Crown Office, Scotland’s equivalent of the Crown Prosecution Service, has confirmed it refused to grant bail to Abdel Baset al-Megrahi as recently as November last year because of concerns he might try to gain access to the money.

The existence of such a large sum in a personal account casts doubt on claims by the Libyan government that Megrahi was a low-ranking airline worker.

The disclosure also raises further questions about the wisdom of the Scottish government in releasing the bomber, who has terminal prostate cancer, on compassionate

Congressman: Why is Obama stifling Hasan investigation?

By Bob Unruh
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan

A member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is wondering why President Obama apparently is suppressing information assembled by an investigation into the Nov. 5 attack at Fort Hood by Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, an Army psychiatrist who reportedly shouted “Allahu akbar,” or “Allah is greatest,” while killing more than a dozen soldiers and civilians.

Rep. Pete Hoekstra, R-Mich., expressed his concern in a recent commentary, saying, “There has been a troubling refusal by Obama officials to acknowledge that the shooting likely was an act of homegrown terrorism.”

“How can it be that the House Committee on Homeland Security has launched an investigation and called hearings within a week to look into the couple who crashed a recent White House state dinner, yet a month after Fort Hood there has yet to be a single congressional hearing into the Fort Hood attack?” Hoekstra said. “I fear that our nation is returning to the naive security outlook of Sept. 10, 2001, when radical Islamic terrorist attacks were considered law enforcement and criminal problems and not threats to our national security.”

Hasan, a Muslim of Palestinian descent, allegedly entered the Soldier Readiness Center at Fort Hood about 1:30 p.m. Nov. 5 and, according to witnesses, took a seat at a table, bowed his head for a few seconds, then stood up and started shooting.

He later was shot by a civilian police officer and remains hospitalized under guard, reportedly paralyzed from his shooting injuries. Thirteen adults and an unborn child were shot and killed, and nearly three dozen others wounded in the attack for which Hasan has been charged.

(Story continues below)

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Hoekstra said that in just the past year, there have been arrests of suspects in alleged “homegrown terrorist attacks” in New York, Chicago, North Carolina and Atlanta.

“Russia recently has seen several alleged homegrown terrorism attacks, including a train bombing and an attack against a gas storage facility. There were horrific homegrown terrorist attacks in Madrid in 2004 and London in 2005. In 2006, 18 homegrown terrorists were arrested in Toronto. It has happened here and will happen again if we don’t act. We cannot wish it away,” he warned.

“We need to understand how homegrown terrorism works if we are to identify and stop homegrown terrorists before they carry out acts of violence. How are al-Qaida leaders and other radical jihadists recruiting and radicalizing homegrown terrorists? A principle route seems to be the Internet. We know that Maj. Hasan was in contact via the Internet with radical Islamic cleric Anwar al-Awlaki and that Mr. al-Awlaki’s sermons have influenced would-be homegrown terrorists in the United States and the terrorists who launched the deadly 2005 London subway bombings,” Hoekstra said.

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But Jamal Ware, a spokesman for the GOP members of the intelligence committee, told WND that the problem is while the investigation apparently has produced a report about Hasan, it’s being suppressed by the White House.

Hoekstra “had issued a call for the intelligence community to preserve all records relevant to looking at what happened at Fort Hood,” Ware said, so that the committee could review and determine what changes should be made to prevent a recurrence.

“Several days after [that], President Obama issued an order to all in the intelligence community, asking them to bring together all of their records and produce a report related to Fort Hood,” he said.

The report apparently was completed by Nov. 30, but as of today, committee members still have been given no information to review, he said.

Ware confirmed administration officials have referenced the report in conversations, “but it is the White House who is determining who will have access to that particular information.”

“At the end of the day, Hoekstra [and other GOP members of the committee] have wanted access to this to understand what happened, and hopefully look at what tools, changes are needed,” Ware said. “It’s of critical concern to Congress that we look at that and understand what happened.”

The committee, he noted, “has responsibility for conducting this type of oversight.”

“They are baffled by the resistance from the administration and from Democrats to doing any type of oversight,” he said.

At the Collins Report, a commentary by Kevin Collins offered an explanation of the situation.

“Hoekstra suspects Obama is purposefully dragging out the release of any information on Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan into next February, and he considers this stall an unconstitutional trampling of his committee’s responsibility to the nation,” he wrote. “Federal law requires the White House to brief House and Senate members on this investigation and ‘ensure that the congressional intelligence committees are kept fully and currently informed of the intelligence activities of the United States.'”

“What is being covered up?” Collins wondered. “Whatever’s in the report must be even worse than the publicly available facts.”

In Hoekstra’s commentary, he said only a thorough review will uncover “the intelligence failures that prevented it from being detected.”

“Americans underestimate the threat from homegrown terrorism,” he said. “The president said it is inconceivable that this would happen in America. Wrong. It is not inconceivable and is a growing global problem that needs to be addressed.”

The investigation also might reveal information beyond the Hasan case, he suggested.

“We also need to understand how radical jihadist groups are being financed. It has been reported that Maj. Hasan sent money abroad to Islamic charities that reportedly support terrorism. How much funding are these so-called charities receiving from the U.S.? How much U.S. government funding is indirectly going to these groups? I don’t know whether suspect Islamic charities are supporting radical jihadists such as Mr. al-Awlaki, but this is possibility that should be looked into,” he said.

“The serious national security implications of the Fort Hood shooting concern both a possible homegrown terrorist attack and a likely failure of U.S. intelligence agencies to cooperate, yet Congress has done nothing to investigate and the Obama administration has stonewalled requests by individual members of Congress for information,” Hoekstra explained.

“The Obama administration seems to forget that it is a requirement, not an option, for the executive branch to keep Congress fully and currently informed. Instead of a healthy discussion with Congress on why this horrible event occurred, we have something akin to pulling teeth to get even basic information. This is wrong and it makes me wonder what Congress will find when the layers are pulled back,” he said.

The White House did not respond to a WND request for comment or explanation.

But others besides Hoekstra also are starting to wonder.

The Associated Press reported Sen. Joe Lieberman, chairman of the Senate oversight committee, has chided Obama officials for failing to provide the information. The report said Lieberman’s Homeland Security panel hasn’t even yet received the personnel file for Hasan.

And the Dallas Morning News said some of the key evidence about Hasan’s case may not have been forwarded to Hasan’s personnel files anyway. Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, said some information that investigators may want actually stayed in military education or training files and never was included in personnel files.

Reports are that coworkers of Hasan, as well as his superiors, several times had expressed concern about his Islamic beliefs and religious proselytizing as well as his mental stability.

“It doesn’t appear that the military has updated its personnel policies to reflect the threat of Islamic extremism,” Collins told the paper. “There appears to be a real gap in the protocols in the personnel procedures.”

What is known is that an FBI task force was intercepting e-mails between Hasan and radical Muslim imam Anwar al-Awlaki as long ago as last December. Al-Awlaki has been the subject of FBI concern since the 1990s

In a commentary on the terror attack, WND founder Joseph Farah cited a few of the questions that need to be addressed:

  • “How did Nidal Malik Hasan rise to the rank of major in the U.S. Army with his background? I’m not talking about his Muslim faith. I’m talking about his troubled history – the disciplinary record of inappropriate proselytizing, the extremist Internet postings, the statements to comrades about American foreign policy, the mandatory counseling he had to receive because of his behavior. How could he ever have been placed in such a position of authority?
  • “How is it possible that an officer who had expressed such grave misgivings about a deployment to Afghanistan or Iraq had been assigned to such a mission without careful scrutiny?
  • “What kind of screening goes on in the military for security safety risks?
  • “Why was this man chosen to participate in transition plans for the new administration less than a year ago by a major university – particularly on an issue involving homeland security?
  • “Why are soldiers on U.S. military bases strictly forbidden to carry firearms – weapons that could have prevented this travesty? If they are to be trusted with firearms to carry out their foreign missions, why not at home to defend themselves like other Americans? Why have military bases, of all places, been turned into virtual gun-free zones?
  • “And how is it possible after so many incidents like this in America are the U.S. media still so obsessed with withholding information and denying terrorism as even a possible motivation?

Civil Rights Panel Subpoenas Justice Department in New Black Panthers Case

Dec. 20, 2009

Fox News

The United States Civil Rights Commission, an eight-member agency that investigates accusations of discrimination, has launched a new offensive against a most unusual target: the Justice Department.

The commission is investigating why the Justice Department dropped charges in May against three members of the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense in a voter intimidation case that the government won.

The Justice Department has defended its actions, saying it obtained an injunction against one member while dismissing charges against the others “based on a careful assessment of the facts and the law.”

But that explanation hasn’t satisfied the commission or Republican lawmakers, who say the dismissal could lead to an escalation of voter intimidation.

Three members of the radical group were accused of trying to threaten voters and block poll and campaign workers by the threat of force in November 2008 — one even brandishing what prosecutors call a deadly weapon.

The three black panthers, Minister King Samir Shabazz, Malik Zulu Shabazz and Jerry Jackson were charged in a civil complaint in the final days of the Bush administration with violating the voter rights act by using coercion, threats and intimidation. Shabazz allegedly held a nightstick or baton that prosecutors said he pointed at people and menacingly tapped it. Prosecutors also say he “supports racially motivated violence against non-blacks and Jews.”

The Obama administration won the case in April but moved to dismiss the charges in May without explanation.

After Republican lawmakers pushed in the summer for an internal investigation, the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility obliged, starting a probe that the department has said should conclude before it cooperates with the commission’s investigation.

Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., announced Thursday that he had inserted language into the annual Justice funding bill that requires the OPR to provide results of its investigation — a resolution that has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee and must be voted on within 14 legislative days.

“I regret that Congress must resort to oversight resolutions as a means to receive information about the dismissal of this case, but the Congress and the American people have a right to know why this case was not prosecuted,” Wolf said in a written statement.

“Time and again over the last year, the department has stonewalled any effort to learn about the decision to dismiss the case,” he continued. “I have written Attorney General (Eric) Holder on six occasions asking for an explanation for the dismissal of this case. To date, I have received no response from him.”

The commission feels it is being stonewalled, too, and has filed subpoenas with the department for the information as well as to interview career attorneys that handled the case.

“They’ve never given a satisfactory answer,” said Todd Gaziano, a member of the commission and director of the conservative Heritage Foundation’s Center for Legal and Judicial Studies. “There is a heavy burden on the Justice Department to explain why those facts in the complaint do not constitute voter intimidation.”

When asked about the commission’s repeated requests for information, Justice Department spokeswoman Tracy Schmaler said, “We’re reviewing the commission’s request.”

She told FoxNews.com that the civil division at the department reviews “these types of requests in accordance with longstanding guidelines governing the disclosure of internal department information.”

The commission is likely to hold a public hearing on the case early next year and could have a report out by September, Gaziano said.

The commissions sent two inquiries into the Justice Department’s dismissal of the case in June and received what it called a “largely non-responsive letter” from the Justice Department in July and none of the documents requested. The commission sent another inquiry in August and September when it said it received notification from the Justice Department that it would not provide any information until its internal investigation was complete.

That prompted the commission to issue subpoenas and send its latest missive this month, a response to a Justice Department letter in November that that the commission said challenged its authority to subpoena the department or its employees.

“While your letter refers to an ongoing ‘dialogue’ between the Department and the Commission, it is the dearth of cooperation on the part of the Department that has resulted in the Commission’s need to issue subpoenas,” David Blackwood, general counsel for the commission, wrote.

“We are both mindful of the sensitivity of the subject matter involved and aware that, in response to similar requests, the department has raised various concerns and matters of privilege,” Blackwood wrote. “While such considerations carry weight, cooperation with commission investigations is a mandatory statutory obligation.”

“Moreoever, due to the unique investigative role of the commission — akin to that of a congressional committee – -disclosure to the commission of the information sought it is both proper and required,’ he added.

Wolf said in his written statement that the attorney general has instructed his department to ignore the subpoenas.

“The nation’s chief law enforcement officer is forcing these career attorneys to choose between complying with the law and complying with the attorney general’s obstruction,” he said, adding that one of the attorneys has been compelled to obtain private counsel.

“The House must not turn a blind eye to the attorney general’s obstruction,” he said. “He has an obligation to answer the legitimate questions of the House and the Civil Rights Commission.”

A government that is ‘at war’ with its own people

The United States has finally reached a pinnacle where the radical-left are cheering. With the complete domination of main-stream media, education, welfare, the unions and the Democratic Party we now have a group of liberal socialists that have moved from subliminal attack against humanity to full frontal assault against all people who stand in their way. Their final conquest was the United States government with its ability to tax, control, ruin and, in general, subvert the Constitution. Did the people in this country see it coming? Apparently not soon enough!

MarchAre these radicals destined for immortality? Absolutely NOT! Socialism never works. The reason it doesn’t work is it attacks God, freedom, life and productivity. Radical socialism is economically unstable. It relies on others to pay for their chosen menu of goods and services. Those that pay for “promised” services rarely see the fruits of their investment. If you pay for health care and die without treatment, what good is the service? If we pay for services that are freely distributed to those that don’t earn or have the right to such services, what incentive is left for the working class to continue to finance the freeloaders?

One of my favorite sayings is, “give a man a fish and he eats for a day.. teach him how to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” In the United States today we are giving people the “fish” so government can eat for a lifetime. Government buys protection, power, votes and control by handing out the goodies. The problem with the radical-left is they are greedy. The minute they see free money they often decide to keep it. How much TARP money actually went to the health, welfare and support of the people? Not much! Yet big government-controlled corporations, unions, organizations and politicians saw plenty. How many more TARP programs will be needed to redistribute the wealth to these communistic groups and organizations? Let’s see, we have Obamacare, Cap and Trade, Global Warming, Amnesty and whatever else these hedonists can think of.

When will radical socialism finally die in the Unites States? When we get back to the basics where man places God, family and freedom first! Remember, it took us 60 to 70 years to reach the state we are in. It may take many years to rid ourselves of the evil that is now part of our daily lives. History does repeat itself. What goes up, must come down. Men that plot against humanity for their own personal gain never survive. Evil is evil, pure and simple. In the long run, evil will fail.

In the mean time we cannot rest on our laurels and continue to go along with the status quo.

There are many things we can do to combat evil people and corrupt government.

    1) Find God. He has the answers. God can and will crush evil. Don’t believe me? Look around! Those that have turned away from God are lost souls. Now, many of you might say that is an arrogant statement. As a man who personally knows God, I can tell you there is nothing arrogant about it. When you get to the point where you have no where else to turn, turn to God, he can and will help those that believe and seek the truth.2) Respect and support your family. Quit making excuses and running from your reponsiblities as a head of the household. When the family fails, evil prevails.3) Quit supporting with money those that seek to harm you or your family. If you know of a corporation, union, politician or organization that openly supports corruption, stop sending them money. Stop buying their goods and services. Stop working for companies that support a corrupt society. The radical-left is afraid of one thing, failing. Without money or support, they will fail.

    4) Get involved with church, civic, patriotic, business or community groups that openly and willingly speak out against radicals. Don’t join groups that are afraid to speak out or take action. Being politically correct these days means nothing. Evil will never be defeated by those that continue to “sit on the sidelines.”

    5) Get behind and support the military, oath keepers and law enforcement officials in your community. Contrary to popular belief, we still have a “all-volunteer” army, many retired military people and “elected” peace officers in this country who will fight for us. Most military employees, soldiers and families don’t like what is happening to our country — they deserve every ounce of support you can give them.

    6) Don’t trade security for freedom. I know this sounds easy to say but difficult to follow. When the “nanny” arrives and promises you health and welfare, remember what you are really getting in return. If you are no longer free, security soon becomes meaningless.

Look at the positives. Communism has reared its ugly head in America but is fast approaching a meltdown. Obama has become the most unpopular president in the shortest time possible. Nobody but the hard-left will continue to follow this man. Government leaders, politicians, judges, administrators and media who support hard-left policies are now thought of as people who openly subvert the Constitution, freedom and our American way of life. The Democrats, unions and community organizers are now fighting amongst themselves for power and control. The money machine that finances all of this corruption is now insolvent. How many more months or years do you think this government can survive if productivity and earnings continue to fall? An economic depression sounds like a terrible thing but such a happening will be the death blow to radical government. When the promises run out and the realities set in, government can only feed off of itself for so long. Once the taxpayer can no longer afford to feed the beast, it will die.

Many say that depression, anguish, failure and strife is just what the communists want? The supporters of communism say that once we reach a state where socialism is more attractive than starvation they will win. I say that is total propaganda. Make no doubt about it, the government as we know it today is at war with is own people. Fortunately, that war will fail when the people finally wake up and realize that the radical-left cannot deliver on its promises of glory. The hard-left lives in a dream world of utopia and fantasy, a place where evil and sin thrive. The majority of us live in a world of reality.

Keep the faith and continue to believe that good will prevail. As long as we have hope we will survive as a people and a Nation. The enemy may try everything in their power to silence us but they cannot take our souls unless we allow them to. Think about everything America has accomplished in the past 250 years that is good, honorable and loved. America is truly the “beacon of freedom” that is known the world over. The radical-left hates America for that reason. We, on the other hand, love freedom and all it stands for. Remember, love defeats hate every time. The next time some radical-left liberal laughs about winning a battle know in your heart he can never win the war. There are too many of us and not enough of him to ever defeat freedom.

God Bless America. God Bless our people!

Thanks for stopping by,

Bob Campbell
American Grand Jury

Harry Reid Is NOT God; and Neither Is Obama

Canada Free Press

By Jerry McConnell  Saturday, December 19, 2009

imageWho in God’s name gave Senator Harry Reid, liberal D-NV the power and the authority to just freely dole out the money that ALL America’s citizens have paid in taxes to the federal government?  How DARE that measly microchip of a person take MY money and tell the entire state of Nebraska that it will get many, many EXTRA billions of dollars for their Medicaid from now to eternity?

Someone in authority should obtain a warrant for his arrest and charge him with Grand Theft – Taxpayer’s Money.  He hasn’t got the authority to just GIVE AWAY the money that hard working citizens of these United States have had and will have to pay in taxes in accordance with laws written by the same gang of which Reid is a part: the unconscionable, untrustworthy and utterly dishonest United States Senate.

WHO MADE HIM GOD?  I’m surprised Obama isn’t complaining as I’m sure HE feels that HE is GOD, not Harry Reid.  The only perceivable reason why Obama hasn’t complained is because HE probably ordered Reid to do it in order to BUY the vote of one Senator named Nelson from the State ofNebraska, a state that will live in infamy and shame among its fellow states due to the Judas-like actions of that Senator.

Nelson further aggravated his position by insisting that this was just to make sure the bill would not have a provision that would pay government funds for abortions on demand and only caved when assured that the provision would NOT appear in the final version of the bill.

But if that was the case, why was the additional, and very heavy sweetener, of full Medicaid payments for eternity to Nebraska made part of Nelson’s quisling/Judas payoff for turning his back on the large majority of American citizens who oppose the Senate health care bill?

The American public should have some recourse to actions of this nature that border on treason or outright failure to command within the limits of the Constitution.  I would hope and expect that at least ONE of our ultra conservative Senators would immediately submit legislation allowing a recall of any person elected to either house of Congress who violates his oath to uphold the Constitution.

This traitorous conduct is condemned by any thinking and believing American citizen, and this is one that asks for the ultimate penalty of the perpetrators, Reid and Nelson in this case, expulsion.

Come on America; join me in this or we’ll never be the same country again.