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FBI “Has No Idea” How Many Warrantless Searches It’s Done


Mint Press News

The FBI and the CIA conducted an untold amount of warrantless “backdoor searches” on thousands of private American citizens, according to an internal document (PDF) released Monday by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

The document was released to leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee following a request by Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) who expressed specific concern over the agency’s use of the government’s mass surveillance apparatus, which he has called unnecessary and overly intrusive.

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What the government doesn’t want you to know about lice-ridden, diseased illegal alien kids

American Thinker

A government-contracted security force at a medical detention center for illegal alien children, is preventing the staff from telling anyone about conditions at the camp under penalty of arrest.

Doctors and nurses at the facility, alarmed by the potential for serious outbreaks of disease, are beginning to speak to the press about their fears.

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5 Ways Obama Has Destroyed The Rule Of Law In America



When you allow unlawful acts to go unpunished, you’re moving toward a government of men rather than a government of law; you’re moving toward anarchy. And that’s exactly what we’re doing. — John Wayne

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. — George Orwell


Tell me why any American should respect the law?

Because it’s moral? Not necessarily. Slavery was once the law of the land. Abortion is the law of the land today. Even in a nation like America, it’s not unusual for laws to be unfair, unjust, and even immoral.

Is it because laws represent the will of the people? Not anymore. Today, the “law” is often summarily created from murky statutes by unelected bureaucrats who face no consequences for destroying people’s lives.

Well, is the law at least equally applied? Absolutely not. Your political affiliation and how well connected you are to the regime in charge can have a direct bearing on whether you’re prosecuted for breaking the law and how serious the penalty will be.

So, what’s left?

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The Truth Behind Barack Obama’s Benghazi Body Of Lies

Freedom Outpost

Barack Hussein Obama was at the helm on September 11, 2012 when four  Americans were brutally murdered in Benghazi, Libya.  However, though they were  murdered, he already had a cover story all lined up!  Sounds like a story of  fiction rather than fact, but what is about to be shown in the following article  has taken months to uncover and verify from several sources, people we cannot  and would not be able to call by name.  While the Benghazi scandal is very  complicated, we finally found the articles by Mr. Douglas Hagmann and had to  wait for some verification of these before we wrote about them.  Mr. Hagmann did  a “Comprehensive Investigative Report” and wrote about it under the title of Body of lies from Benghazi to Barack.  We requested permission to show  some of what Mr. Hagmann wrote to allow skeptics to see for themselves what is  known beyond the White House and maybe it is because those in the White House  did not read the reports or papers until let us say, recently.

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Floridians Move To Recall Marco Rubio

Freedom Outpost

Earlier in the week, we told you how Arizona has had it with Senators John McCain and  Jeff Flake over their persistent push of the Senate’s amnesty bill and began petitions to recall them.

Well it looks like the people of Florida have had their fill of Senator Marco  Rubio.   A petition has been  set up to recall the Florida Senator following his vote on Monday concerning the  Senate’s amnesty bill.

The petition  has already gotten 800 signatures at the time of this article.  However, it  should be noted that the petition is to be signed only by Florida residents,  though many from other states have not only signed, but expressed their outrage  along with their signature.

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Facebook’s Former Security Chief Now Works for the NSA

The Atlantic Wire

About a year after Facebook reportedly joined PRISM, Max Kelly, the social network’s chief security officer left for a job at the National Security Agency, either a curious career move or one that makes complete sense. The Chief Security Officer at a tech company is primarily concerned with keeping its information inside the company. Now working for an agency that tries to gather as much information as it can, Kelly’s new job is sort of a complete reversal.

Facebook, among other tech companies, has distanced itself from the government, claiming it only cooperates when it is legally required to. But, “current and former industry officials say the companies sometimes secretly put together teams of in-house experts to find ways to cooperate more completely with the NSA and to make their customers’ information more accessible to the agency,” report the New York Times‘s James Risen and Nick Wingfield.

Before Kelly — who once worked at the FBI — took the job at the NSA, he indicated a coziness with the government. Three weeks after leaving the network in 2010, he made a speech at the Defcon hacking conference that argued greater cooperation between places like Facebook and military defense. “Commercial entities and the military are dealing with the same problem,”  he said. “They should both understand their roles in the larger picture. There isn’t enough information shared.” There he was more specifically addressing cyber-attacks from places like China, which as he predicted has turned into a national security issue. But, his speech also indicates that he thinks these two, at times opposed, industries should work together.

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Obama Sending US Troops To Egypt To Stop Anti-Muslim Brotherhood Riots

Freedom Outpost

While Egyptian  pro-democracy activists are angry over a U.S. envoy’s comments criticizing  anti-Muslim Brotherhood protestors, Obama is planning on deploying US troops  to help crush freedom seekers in Egypt.

Philo-jihadist Barack Obama means to save the Islamic supremacist savages of  the Muslim Brotherhood at all cost. And the left is still completely and utterly wrong on Egypt, but  those snakes are incapable of a mea culpa.

Obama is the most dangerous man to occupy the Oval office as outlined in my  2010 book, The  Post-American Presidency:  The Obama Administration’s War on  America.

Obama  sending U.S. soldiers to Egypt to put down anti-Muslim Brotherhood riots  Jihadwatch, July 21, 2013

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Time to Impeach Obama

Obama’s Father’s Day Freudian Slip

Freedom Outpost

If anyone was wondering how Obama views himself as president, this one  little statement issued as he reflected on Father’s Day would sum it up  nicely.  Obama stated “being a dad ‘the most important job many of us will ever  have’ and there was no substitute for being in a child’s life.  He went on to  give a summation of his life without a father, what he tries to accomplish for  his family and then sums up how he will recall his life.

“When I look back on my life, I won’t be thinking about any particular  legislation I passed or policy I promoted,” Obama said. “I’ll be thinking about  Michelle, and the journey we’ve been on together.”

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Am I a traitor?


The question hit me like a lightning bolt as I looked in the mirror upon awaking this morning. Am I a traitor to my country, to my fellow citizens of the United States of America? Have I abandoned all sound reason and logic and lost my moral compass?

Have I somehow sold out my ideals and thereby my family, friends and fellow reporters?  Apparently someone in this administration must believe I am a traitor and lost my way, for I am the target of active telephone monitoring by the National Security Agency (NSA), a branch of the Department of Defense and an agency tasked with monitoring foreign intelligence and communications.

As I stared in the mirror, I asked myself, “what am I missing here?” What have I done during the course of seeking out the truth to provide to the American people about what’s really going on within and outside of our government with regard to the numerous “scandals” we are learning about? Could it be that the truth is that toxic to those in power that they will go to such lengths to silence an investigative reporter?

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