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Obama hides terror truth – Benghazi (LIBYA)

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Until Friday, there were two possible explanations for why the White  House  failed to immediately call the Benghazi attack an act of  terrorism. One was  incompetence, the other was worse.

Now there is  only one, and it is the worse one. Based on the persuasive  testimony of  ex-CIA boss David Petraeus, it is clear the Obama administration  made a  deliberate decision to mislead Congress and the American people.

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THE 1st AMENDMENT WAS MURDERED IN BENGHAZI TOO – Earlier this week, in an astonishing admission of dereliction during an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan, ABC News Senior White House Correspondent, Jake Tapper, blamed the failure of the mainstream media to cover the Benghazi story before the election on “intense politicization” of the story, saying that it was because of “republican conspiracy theories” that made it impossible for he and the leftist, pro-Obama media to do its job.  Tapper also said that one of the reasons the leftist media was guilty of journalistic malpractice in covering the murder of four Americans by terrorists was because they “didn’t want to interfere with the Obama Administrations positive narrative about Al Qaeda”.
Now, AP Columnists Kim Dozier and Nedra Pickler have published an insidious and deceptive story claiming that the reason Obama and members of his administration were justified in lying to the American people about the Benghazi attack was because he was attempting to implement a covert response against the terrorists and did not want to, in their words, “tip them off” to his retaliatory plans.
By Dan Crosby
NEW YORK, NY – The re-election of Barack Obama and defense of his illegitimate executive power has become more important than protecting the lives of innocent Americans, according the liberal mainstream media. Defending Obama’s lies in order to see him achieve his liberal aspirations was more important than protecting American security and providing the truth about the September 11 murder of four innocent Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, at the hands of terrorist enemies in Benghazi, Libya.

Where is My America?

Family Security Matters

Where is my America?  The nation of rugged individualists has ceded its  position to those who embrace the command economy. Moreover, a failed record  doesn’t mean very much when media panjandrums use barrels of print to boost the  fortune of their desired candidates.

Twenty three million Americans are searching for jobs.  College  graduates are perplexed about a future pay check.  The administration lied  about the murder of public officials in Benghazi. The poverty level in the  country is unprecedently high.  American prestige abroad is at an historic  low.  Obamacare – designated to lower medical expenses – has increased  them.  Most Americans, according to pollsters suggest the country is going  in the wrong direction.

Yet President Obama, who by any measure, orchestrated the apparent failure  the last four years, was reelected.

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